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 is it fun to stick yur hand in a light socket?

 i was playing with needles.HELP!?
ok so i found a syringe that wasn't open and filled it with water and injected it in my mattress and then again with hand sanitizer then i got crazy and drew blood from my arm with it. i was ...

my mom was curling my hair with a curling iron, she grabbed the wrong end!!!!
it was about 400 degrees and she held it for a second and a half....I REALLY NEED HELP!
does she have to go to ...

 What causes excessive menstruation?
I've had it for over a month now. At first it was hardly there and now, it's gushing to the point where I need to change every half hour.

Should I be worried about this? What ...

 Fingernail black from slamming it in a door?
K it was on monday night that i slammed it in a door on accidennt, <--obviously. okay hurt extremly bad monday, not as bad tuesday, and still getting better today. the part that hurts worst is ...

 Help?!?! anyone please?
In a soccer game I got kicked hard in the inside of my ankle...not on the bone but like behind it and it is tender there and up my leg a little but it is tender in like a line right behind the bone. T...

 Why does the EMTs and ER staff cut off a person's clothing when it's obvious where the injury is located?
For example, if a person is stabbed in the stomach then why cut off the bra too? Once the person is in the operating room then all the clothing is cut off? Why do they do that?...

 Whats a way to relax my ***tense/pulled arm muscle***?
would wrapping it help?
would Ice help?
would Heat help?
should i take Advil?
how long might this take to heal??


 I think i broke or fractured my ankle.. dont know how, but it hurts and isnt like a sprain?
how do i know if it is serious or not. my father told me if it was broken i wouldnt be able to stand up, but i do find my self limping around. i dont know if this is something to do with it, but ...

 Thumb injury question?
I don't remember doing anything to my left thumb, but it hurts so bad when I move it. It isn't a dull pain. It is a sharp, stinging, burning pain. No swelling. No bruise. Just really ...

 Can I sue hospital for negligence??
My wife had a car accident and was taken to ER. She was complaining of chest pains. and the Seatbelt marks were clearly visiable on her chest where it had brused her.. they check her out exrays. ct ...

 i recently got my tounge pierced and noticed a greenish color on the top of it that wont go away. Is this ok?

 ankle!!!!! please help!?
I got kicked in the ankle last night at soccer practice,

It's on the right side of my left ankle. I have a game tonight and I really want to play.

I've been icing ...

 Broken toe or what??
Well this happened on Saturday, it was my first day ever to wear high heels to work. They were really high, my feet started to hurt but i kept them on. Then when i went home my second toe (next to ...

 how to get swelling down fast?
i fell and hurt my ankle and it's really swollen an hurts when any thing rally touches it is there any way to get the swelling to go down fast....i have to be on it alot for work....and don'...

 Surgery without anesthesia, is this possible?
Surgery without anesthesia, is this possible?
this looks terrible, is this even possible in real life?...

 Wrist pain and don't know what it is??
So i just recently (less than 2 months) started experiencing pain in my left wrist. Specifically at the base of my thumb. My wrist bone (or whatever you call it) hurts to the touch. Also if i move my ...

 Why is my toenail black?
I know it sounds yucky but a few weeks ago i hurt my toenail when i was moving boxes..and now its all black and nasty looking..it might be a bruise but could i have a fungus as well? because its ...

 i got a cut on my finger what should i do HELP!!!!!!?
i was eating a chicken wing and then my dog jumped up and bit me on my finger it is a inch ling and a centermeter wide and a little peice of meat is sticking out and the cut is poping out what should ...

 If you had to break any bone, which one would you chose?

How Do I Fake a Sprained Ankle?
I am a 13 yr old girl an i want to fake a sprained ankle to get out of something. please, if you have an answer post it, but dont waste my time with scolding me. i cant by crutches or a bandage, because i live at home so it wouldnt work. i need to actually act it out, the hurting myself or knowbody will beleive it. but im a good actor. my parents know my school has no nurse or anything. thanks for the help, and make the answers good to get the 10 points for best answer.
ps. i want to get out of gym class, and i want to get crutches, but i cant buy them because my dad would wonder where they came from. i cant just do it at school, because ide need a note to skip gym, even with crutches, and we have no nurse. i wont forge my dads signature, so dont bother with that one.
pps. yes, i know ive asked this question4 times, but im looking for a decent answer and im not finding one.

Blue Maroon
Just do gym, cause when you get big you didnt skip gym. bigger, you will be wishing you did gym, plus gym is fun i mean who doesnt like gym

I think if you just took a hammer and smacked your ankle real hard you could get the bandages and the crutches for future use.
Personally i think you should just go to gym class.

just ride ur bike and put ur toes on the ground stop the bike and make ur pedal keep going it will roll of ur ankle and foot and sprain it like i did (on ACCIDENT!!!!!!! i also hairline fractured my ankle from that accident) and u have o go to the doc 4 it and he will take one look at ur unswollen, unbruised, ankle and tell u to get out. a dr. can TELL if theres a sprain. so u cant fool a doc. and if u decide to sprain it 4 real, enjoy ur 1 1/2 months on crutches and a rash on ur pits. c where im going with this?

if you have a two story house just pretend to fall down the stairs.

when your parents are in anothe room with the door shut walk up the stairs thenscream and make noises as if you are falling down the stairs, then your parents will come out and say you can't moove your foot and it really hurts. Just make sure they don't take you to the hospital! Or go out of the house- pretend you are going out with some friends and come back limping and say that you fell off of something like you were walking along a wall and fell. Or if you or a friend has a trampoline say it happened there. I hope I really helped and that you get out of gym. I have tried this and it worked i tried the stair one!


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