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 If your left knee pointed North, your right knee pointed South, your left ankle pointed East & your right....?
......ankle pointed West, how would you manage to eat a plate of chocolate goulash??...

 My ankle is swollen and bruised but doesnt really hurt that bad to walk on?
Me and my mum were play fighting when she pushed me off the bed but she didnt realise she was sat on my foot so my foot stayed there and twisted and i was on the floor my ankleand toe are swollen and ...

 Should I consider a prosthesis for the finger I'm soon having amputated, or is showing off the stump no biggie?
I'm nineteen, so still quite young, I don't know if I would be wise to think about getting a prosthetic finger once the finger I'm having partially amputated has healed, or would ...

 Finger nail Injured and blood clotted..?
My index finger nail was smashed while hammering, Can c a thick clot of blood underneath?
what is treatment 4 this? Any kind of medicines can be applied on the wound for pain to subside?

 How to take care of my horses wound?
My horse got stuck in our fence the other day and its a simple chicken wire type of thing not barb wire so i dont even know how he got cut but anyways they're on the front of his hind left ...

 left shoulder bone protruding upwards more than the other side..serious?
-i did some weightlifitng, and since im in the army, i had to carry HEAVY fieldpack for long distances (24 km).. i notice that since then, my left collar bone stick out upwards more than the right ...

 HELP PLEASE Lower back pain into neck and hip/knee in a 12 yr old?
Ok-Here it goes
SOOO Im 12 years old and a fastpitch softball pitcher. When I was pitching, my lower back started to hurt pretty bad. I dont think anything popped or something like that, but it ...

 will i need crutches?
i hurt my knee about 14 months ago and it still hurts- sometimes a little bit and hardly recognisable but other time it can be really really painful. i didnt go to the doctors cos my mum said i was ...

 My wrist clicks and hurts every time i move it?
So, I was just using the computer and suddenly every time i move my wrist it clicks and it really hurts badly!! What has happened?...

 My hip is aching and it's uncomfortable?
I'm a man.
My hips have been aching/ hurting for the past 2 days all day when I stand and when I sleep it's uncomfortable. This has been happening to me a lot already in the past ...

 What should I do about my injured thumb?
on the 17th of october I injured my thumb by tripping and bending it backwards. Very quickly afterwards I had a horrible dull pain all over my thumb and it was already swollen to basically ...

 i have accident after treatment i was sack?

 What's the longest amount of time you can wait before having a finger re-attached?
I just cut my pinky off with a radial saw, but I would rather stay on Y!A and post questions a while longer....

 am i entitle to take some time off the work,i've been working all my life,pls see below?
as result of depression /backache im taking 6 to 8 pills daily that almost making it impossible to get out of the bed and when i leave the bed im drowsy and sleepy all day even my employer notice ...

 can you tear a hip flexor?
can you tear a hip flexor or just strain it?...

 please tell me what you think :)?
on monday i was mucking around with some boy an i caught my wrist on his bag i went to hospital today they done x-ray an said nothing broken but i cant move it as much as i try an it is really ...

 What are some of the most painful bones to break?
Just wondering, what are some of the most painful bones to break? And could you please list them in order.
Any help would be great. Thank you :)...

 How hard is it to use crutches? What type should I use?
I need some surgery done on my ankle and the doctor recommends no weight bearing on it for 1 week after. Just how much of a pain is it to use crutches? Also, there is 2 kinds I can use. Long ones ...

 I have some sort of problem with my knees, help please!?!?
Im 14 and I play a lot of sports, football, rugby, tennis etc.
But last Sunday when I went to my footy game my knees were really painful for some reason causing me to come off at half time :(

 i fell and hurt my knee badly?
I went to a concert Friday night and while I was drunk I fell down 3 stairs banged my knee up it hurt, but it was manageable the rest of the night. Sat it hurt a lot, I couldn't put much weight ...

Horrible pain in outer knee cap, can't walk or stand..HELP?
I have always noticed problems with my knees locking/popping when I play sports or run, and typically if I stretch well or push through it will go away. Yesterday I was outside in fairly cold temperatures, walking around for a few hours and my knee kept locking up every now and then. All of a sudden I was just walking and it completely gave out. I couldn't even stand, let alone walk. This followed which sharp and throbbing pains in my knee, and I was unable to get any relief for the rest of the day. It was slightly swollen, and because of the pain I ended up icing it which actually made the pain increase. Can anyone suggest what may be the cause of this? After being off of it all night during sleep, I woke up this morning and was able to walk on it again with very minimal pain, but as the day is progressing the pain is slowing coming back.
I have no health insurance at the moment so I'm hoping I can get some piece of mind here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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