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 ankle problem? help pleasee!?
I was in p.eyesterday and we were playing extreme tag and i had jumped to the floor so I wouldnt be it. I felt my foot kinda roll under me and it hurt and kept getting worse throughout the day. After ...

 Anyone Know Some Physical Therapy Exercises For the Shoulder?
I am only 15 and have had shoulder pain since June (2010). I believed I hurt it working out until i took a break and the other one began hurting in the same exact spot. The doctor enitially told me ...

 How can i make my finger nail stop hurting?
I haven't cut my nails in a long time and they were getting pretty long, so i cut them last night. i made sure that i didn't cut them too long or else i knew that they would hurt. But my ...

 Why would you get numbness in your right front calf while jogging?
I'm a beginner, and today started a walk/run programme on a treadmill (with incline at 1, and averaging 3.3 mph). I alternated 2 minutes walking with 1 minute running. At about my 3rd ...

 I was stretching my back 2day then i heard somethin crack & now whenever i take a deep breathe it hurts???
plz help what do u think happende?????...

 i think i hurt my LCL?
so at volleyball tonight, i slid like on my knee but with my knee completely bent down, like at a 10 degree angle or whatever. it hurs on the left side of the back of my knee. i looked it up and i ...

 Neck injury? Can't turn it to the left.?
I dont know the cause of my neck hurting but the options would probably be either lifting weights or sleeping in an awkward position. What's more likely? and another thing is that when you'...

 Hit in head with soccer ball, now headache?
I was playing soccer with my friends and I got hit in the face with a soccer ball. It wasn't too hard. I wear glasses and it hit my face and my glasses, and they didn't snap or break or ...

 How is a slipped/herniated disc diagnosed?
I injured my back in the gym and have lumbar pain that doesn't seem to be going away. I need to get this checked out by a doctor. How do they determine the severity of your injury? Do they ...

 Think it's possible I have a hernia?
OK, I was dog walking for a neighbor and while passing a playground I decided to try a pull-up real quick on the monkey bars. I tried to do one from a full hang and I felt a painful pull in my ...

 Is it normal for my bone to crack in the same place that it broke?
I broke my wrist quite severely about a year and a half ago, which permanently weakened it, and it's been hurting quite a lot lately. My Mum says that it's just the cold weather (which ...

 I really hurt my big toe... What do I do?
A few days ago I banged my big toe into a wall really hard. It quickly started to bleed from the inside under my toenail. It's a bluish color, throbs like a heartbeat, and hurts very badly. G...

 i think i lost a nerve - is it possible?
me and my brother got into a fight yesterday and he punched me really hard in my arm. i'm in school right now and i feel like i can't even grip my pencil right. my arm feels really funny ...

 hurt my hand playing football, it's swollen and brusied below the thumb bone?
and still have a purple dis-colored at the lower palm ...

 I smacked my head on the radiator and now I have a bump :(?
Anyway, last night I was over-tired and I tripped and fell right into the metal radiator head first >_< Last night I got a really big bump and my head was killing me but I was so tired I ...

 Head injury causing dizziness?
I had a large log drop on top of my head splitting it open. 4 weeks later my neck is still sore and get a light head every minute or less standing up. Could the dizziness be caused by the knock or ...

 My foot hurts to have it flat on the ground what should i do?
Ok, so a few days ago i was in full sprint and some how managed to land on the outside of ankle... I waited a few days to go to the Doctor on my college campus. When i did she said it was a 3rd ...

 Hit my head really hard?
I was in the bathroom at the store and there was no place to put my purse, so I put it on the ground. After I dryed my hands I went to pick it up and came up really fast and hit it on the metal hand ...

 I was putting up xmas lights, the little ladder came out from under me, I fell and hit my head on a metal chai?
my head on a metal chair, I have a bump on the right side of my head. How do I know something worse isn't going on inside? How would I know if my brain were bleeding?...

 I am having a sharp pain on inside of my right ankle whenever I walk flat footed. Can someone help diagnose?
I was fine all day yesterday and didn't do anything too strenuous but last night I stood up and immediately pain started shooting up from right near the ankle bone every time I walked flat on my ...

this girl (:
Hit my head hard, bump, worried!! Help!?
I was joking around with my friend in my kitchen. She pushed me and i kinda lost my balance and hit my head on the side corner of the counter top. I was dizzy at first, but now I'm not that dizzy. I had a HUGE bump, but i iced it and it subdued a bit. I still have a minor headache. That was about an hour and a half ago. I'm worried about having a brain hemorrhage and other stuff but I always panic. Help me please and thanks!

After an hour and a half your conscious and orientated should be ok. A slight headache is understandable after hitting your head. if your still worried a quick trip to your local A+E won't hurt.

if it's been an hour and a half your fine... and hitting your head in the kitchen is not hard at all. To have a brain hemorrhage you would need like a hydraulic press crushing your face... not to be gruesome xD

Pageant Girl
call the hospital and see what they say, tell them what happened they will tell you what to do,and how to do it :-)

keep ice on it im not a doctor but ive had my fair share of head injuries it should be fine after a while if its really concerning you go see a doctor

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