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Does it hurt to have blood taken? (where your arm bends)
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 i hurt my arm. what should i do?
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 wound won't heal on leg....leaking watery fluid?
I have a wound on the back of my right leg that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It started out as a cut when i was shaving i have psoriasis and shaved over that and now I have a wound that won&#...

HELP! thistle stuck in foot for a week or two, skin grown over it? it hurts to press. has redness on it?

Jessie G
eeeeewwwwwwww,,,go see a doctor....or maybe just chop your foot off....

leave it in your foot...it will eventually go away. I had the same thing with a staple twisted sideways...I was too afraid to take it out or go to a doctor.

It just got absorbed somehow....maybe it got lodged in my brain or something :)

Go to the drugstore and buy "drawing salve". Put some on the location and cover with gauze.

It will draw out any infection and the thistle should come out with it.

It's an old remedy that has ALWAYS worked in my family.

I accept Chaos
If it really bugs you get a clean sterile blade and cut the skin open then pull the thistle out.

I hate when this happens. The redness means it is now infected. Most likely, the thistle and puss will work its way to the surface in a week or two. This is one way to deal with it - just ride out the pain.

If the redness starts to spread, you have to do something to stop the infection, which means going to the doctor, or trying to treat it yourself. If the redness spreads significantly, its necessary to see a doctor and get antibiotics. Otherwise, to treat it yourself, you need to use a needle to poke a hole deep enough to remove the thistle and let the infected gunk drain, and then apply an antiseptic such as povidone iodine. This will of course hurt like hell.

dont think its a good idea to leave it if possible take it out.

It is inflamed and probably infected, you need to have it cut out by a doctor.

soak the feet in epsom salt, split the skin and and remove thistle followed by peroxide

Good luck!

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