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 I slammed my finger in a car door?
well a while ago i slammed my finger in a car door, and my nail was supposed to fall off. and my nail was mostly detached except for a part of the top was still attached. but today, it got caught in ...

 Bad chest pain I need to know if it is serious or not?
Okay, I fell down some icy stairs and stuff, twisted my arm and shoulder, really no big deal I felt fine physically other than a few things.
Main thing is my chest, when I breath in deep it ...

 Dose physical theraphy hurt?
dose how do i make not hurt as much as possible i broke my collarbone and might have to have surgery and if i do afterward ill need theraphy to be able to move it ...

 What are they chances of getting another cast? plezse answer!?
I had ankle ligament reconstructive surgery on jan. 10th and I am in a fiberglass cast right now and I go back to the drs Tuesday to get it off and get my stitches out. What I wanna know is will I ...

 What will happenend with my surgery?
I broke my collarbone and theres a pretty good chance ill need surgery so i was wonder will they put me to sleep and how long will it ...

 Is the tip of my nose "the bone" chipped off or is it normal?
Well if your not a doctor then i want you to feel the TIP of your nose,move it around with a little push, and tell me if you feel anything loose as if it felt like you were feeling bones that were ...

 Should my knuckle still hurt after the cast.?
I fractured my pinky knuckle and i just got my cast off and its still hard to bend and still hurts. is it normal and should i work it so that it gets better?...

 Why does my ear drum thump at night?
A while back when I stuck a peice of tissue into my ears to clean them out,I could not hear in my right ear afterwards because of how I think I put a hole in my ear drum. I think it healed because I ...

 Will the numbness of a plate in my leg ever go away?
I had to have a plate put in my leg in June, and the side where the plate is is a little numb. Will that ever go away? I might have it taken out in a few months so will it go away then? Also, there ...

 how do you know if a finger is broken or bruised with it being numb from a stroke?

 How can you make a bruise go down fast?
I gotta bruise and i need it gone fast....

 do i have a blow out?
i stretched my ear to 00g bout 2 weeks ago and i though i was ready to go to 7/16 but i could not get my right ear to stretch so i downsized back to 00g (i know this was to fast) i was looking at the ...

 Why do my fingers keep getting deep cuts for no reason?
I have had great skin for 38 years. Now all of a sudden I have been experiencing dry cracked skin and rashes. Have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis. My hands are brutal, I cannot even make a ...

 Numb thumb from being bit?
Right past my wrist got bit really hard by a friend of mine when we were wrestling. It hurt sooo bad I cried. It felt like it was bleeding. The indentions lasted hours, now over thirteen hours later ...

 I just gauged my ears from a pericing ta size 8 and its all swollen so waht do i do?
help me ...

anyone ...

 Carpal tunnel and pregnancy?
It just started the other night, I woke up with my hands, wrists and arms in horrible pain. They also felt like they were asleep and they were kind of stiff in this claw shape. I took some tylenol, ...

 Can you help me? I have a quick question about my rib...?
For about 10 years off and on, I've had rib pain. Most recently, it has gotten severe and makes it hard for me to lay down on my left side. It is not an organ, but the rib bone itself. It hurts ...

 does sleeping more help a fractured bone to deal faster?
To be more specific, a fractured bone in my foot.

Also, does an increased blood flow help fractured bone heal faster too?...

 Did Pushups really help this much?
In the summer I did Pushups alot' my bench was at 120 by the end of the schoolyear now it's 185 in the beginning. Did Pushups help me?...

Green puss coming from toe?
The other night I noticed my ingrown toenail had come back - after only two weeks. The area around the toenail was very painful, and I couldn't really touch it. But I went ahead and soaked my foot in warm water for about 15 minutes, then cut the ingrown toenail out, cleaned it, then applied some antibiotic, and put a band-aid on it. I changed the band-aid and cleaned it about 4 times a day. Now, 3 days later, there is a green puss coming out of the corner of my toe. My toe is swollen and very sore now. If I touch it, it's a sharp pain. This is the third time I've had an ingrown toenail. What should I do? I can't really get to a doctor or anything.

Green is not good, i guess you can wait until the blood poisoning sets in, or gangrene does before you go to the doctor. But then you will need hospitalization and or amputation of the affected area. Or, go today and avoid it.

pour rubbing alcohol on it, that will kill all the germs.

Green pus makes me think of Pseudomonas infections, especially when accompanied by a sickly sweet odor. Common in foot infections! Not good. You need a doctor. Failing to spend the money now only means spending more money later for long-term intravenous antibiotics to treat osteomyelitis of the great toe. Sorry, I can't think of a less expensive safe alternative.

If you're brave enough you can cut back some of the skin in the area and soak your foot in hydrogen peroxide about three times a day. You just have to open up the area that has the pus in it so you don't have to cut much skin...just enough to let the HP do it's work. Never use a band-aid on things like this because it traps heat, moisture and bacteria in there and that will slow down healing.

As for the ingrown toe nail, there are many different types caused by different things. Too tight shoes is often a big factor and also cutting your nail too low. I get ingrown nails all the time...but I get mine because I have Psoriasis and basically the skin around my nail beds actually turn to nail.

A good way to cut back on the ingrown nail risk is to soak your feet every night in hot water before you go to bed and use a cuticle stick and push back the skin around the nail...this will also help you notice when an ingrown nail starts. When you don't have to wear shoes use slippers when you can or flip flops when it's warmer. Remember to cut your toe nails straight across and don't cut to the fleshy part...leave a little white over the meat of the nail.

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