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 My daughter fell over &cut her head a couple of days ago. She had to have it glued. How can i stop it scarring

 i fell on my knee and cant bend it?? do i go to the doctor?
I was ice skating n landed on my knee instantly it felt stiff n hurt it extremely to bend it. Its not impossible to bend though I just get a numbing piercing when I do it without supporting my led ...

 Scar from cold sore! HELP!!?
I got my first cold sore late Jan. 2008 right in the middle of my lip. And now I have a scar. I've had it for almost 4 months now and I'm starting to think that it will never go away.. It�...

 I have a very painfull lower back should I risk surgery? is it usually successful?

 How much settlement money am I entitled to for permanent facial scars due to a work related injury?
I was injured at work in 2006 and was recently forced back to work without being released by my doctor. Anyhow I was injured with facial and lip lacerations that required several surgeries to correct,...

 How long would it take to get a metal plate in your head?
I was just wondering, If the top bit of ya skull got damaged badly and had to be replaced with a metal plate, how many days or weeks and possible months would it take to be out of the hospital? P...

 Bug bites on my ankle now it is swollen?
I was camping on the mountain this weekend and i have 3 bug bites around my ankle. I can't be sure what bit me but it happened on Sunday. My whole ankle is swollen up about half an inch. There ...

 If there is blood pouring out my A-hole what should I do?
it did this last week to, i shoved a bunch of napkins up in there but it only stoped it temporarily....

 Shin Splints?
i play soccer 6 days a week and last year was diagnosed with stress fractures in my tibias and shin splints in both legs. Ive agen been getting some pain in my legs of what i think is the start of ...

 When your foot is almost black and you cant walk because when you fell, is it broken or fractured?
My foot is swelled and same with my knee and I almost had to get stitches. It hurts and about every 5 min I get shocks of pain shooting up my leg....

 Husbands Toe What Do U Think?
What do u think my Husband has a brown spot on his toe what do u think it is. http://s676.photobucket....

 Do yoyr appendix Grow Back After Theve been Removed for Over 24 Years ??
Ive Been Havin lower pain In the area Of My lower right Side .. Where The scrae Is From My appendix Surgery 24 Years A...

 all of a sudden my husband's jaw locked for no reason how can i help him without going to the doctor?

 Low back pain...........................?
I have low back pain above my hips, below my rib cage and near my spine on the right side. It hurts when i lean to the left. Do you think it is muscular or something with the spine? Would a ...

 Does anyone know about knee Arthroscopy??
can you provide me with imformation and recoverin ...

 Sprained ankle problems.
sprained my ankle three days ago - but nothing can help with the pain. Doctor said to use nurofen plus - but its not doing anything much. My ankle is also really frustrating me - I cant work, look ...

 stitches in knee?
I had minor surgery to remove a cyst from my knee15 days ago(3 inch cut & 7 stitches) and although painful I was healing well. I went back to have them removed yesterday, and they only took out 3...

 How can i purposely sprain my ankle or wrist? (my ankle just enough to have crutches)?
please no rude,sarcastic,or mean ...

 sprained ankle with exercise straight away?
guys, i just sprained my ankle but it wasnt that bad at first. but then my great brother told me that i should walk an extra 30minutes and now my foots sore annd aching more than ever!!! to makes ...

 I think I may have fractured/bruised a bone? help?
I have been suffering from sharp pains in my left leg, just under my knee, at the top of the shin bone. whenever i bend it or put pressure on it, e.g. walking up stairs, it kills has anyone had this ...

Fell down the stairs and hit my head.?
Earlier this evening i slipped and fell down the stairs and smacked the top/back of my head into the concrete wall in our house.. I haven't vomited or anything although i have been feeling extremely nauseous since. It's still really sore to touch and quite "egg-ish" About half an hour ago i also had quite a large nose bleed...not sure whether its related to the smacking of the head..but yeah. It's getting late and im really tired..is it safe for me to go to sleep? Anything else i should do or just wait and see how everything is in the morning?

Shaun M
Get someone to take you to an er now. I fell down a flight of stairs outside my apartment a couple of years ago, displacing my jaw and breaking 6 teeth and probably got a concussion as well and didn't go. I've had nothing but problems with my jaw and my balance is still a little off and I'm sure it's from the fall. I wish I hadn't been so stubborn about going and getting checked out. Please go. Head injuries are scary things.

always check out head injuries please with the hospital, best wishes, claire

consult your doctor

Ho Tak K
if I were you I would've definately go to the hospital and check it out no matter how late it is

Pretty sure this calls for a visit to the ER.

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