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 I Dislocate both of my knees very often? What surgery could fix this? Could i have a knee disease?
my knees dislocate very easily. they mainly will go back in place by themsefes but they have times when they don't. it is very painful. I am a cheerleader, and it ussually happens when i am ...

 is my elbow leaking?
i was bowling yesterday and fell in the lane on my elbow... (i was trying to save a bowling ball). i woke up today and my arms hurts... it feels like there is liquid inside and it's turned into ...

 Sprain Diagnosis explaination needed!!!?
I need to find out what my x-ray results mean. They came back saying i may have already had some injury to my wrist prior to a sprain - a "mild negative ulnar variance". I'm off to a ...

 Has anyone here had finger/s amputated?
If so, how did it happen (was it an accident or intentional, like mutilation)? How did it affect your life?...

 painfull bulge in the front lower abdoman near groin is it a hernia ?

 Whats it like to be in a cast in hot countries? I have broken my ankle-am worried about itching+swelling?
I broke my ankle in 3 places a week ago and plan to fly to ghana on thursday....my doc says i can fly but i dont know if i should go...i am worried the itching will send me mad as its so hot there. I ...

 I tore my acl and got surgery this August. I have been playing hockey SINCE Nov. Would it be dumb to come back
We have an important game coming up this friday and i was scheduled to be recovered to play January 1st. I have been skating full speed and with contact for 3 weeks....

 doc band make her eyes look mess up?
my baby girl was born premure and has a flat head and they give us a doc band which she already has crossed eye and the band is making it worse doctor apt. not untill ...

 flat feet???
i have very flat feet and went to see the podiatry people the other day and they said that they want to refer me to an orthopeadic surgeon for my knees as when i roll my feet up to the position they ...

 Where can I get a burn ointment called Butesin Picrate. It's manufactured by Abbott Laboratories.?

 I just tore(avulsion) my flexor tendon on my ring finger (jersey finger). What can I expect?
the tendon is down my finger part way. I am getting surgery for it next week. Has anyone else had this procedure? How long did it take to fully heal? I am in high school and my baseball season starts ...

 I severly sprained my ankle 3 yrs ago, can it swell up and be in A LOT of pain now from that injury now?
I got no treatment from the injury then, I just rested and iced and was out about 2 weeks with it. Nothing precipitated the swelling this time, just a feeling of "not being right" and ...

 Severe Hip and Knee pain?
I pulled my groin several weeks ago, witch seemed to get better. Then two weeks ago I was standing holding my baby when I felt a pop in my hip, I hit the floor. It was the most excruciating pain i ...

 any one have pectoral surgery?
just had surgery about a month ago looking to hear from people that had the same surgery. I ruptured my pec while maxing out and had to have the muscle reattched. I wanna hear your story and how well ...

 How do you tell the difference between muscle, nerve, and bone pain?
I have had chronic back pain for the past year. From the research I have done their is pretty much only 2 options: pain management or surgery. The later is only recommended if NOTHING else works. ...

 Is it safe to participate in running/rigorous exercising for people who had detached retinas?

 Is there anything to do about TMJ? can it heal?

 what is a lie bump?

 Repetitive Strain Injury CURE??
I got RSI last week from the computer and I have all the symptoms.. now is it possible to cure it? HOW? I FORGOT TO MENTION IT IS IN MY ARM...

 Please Help- I need to know what is going on with me running-wise?
I am a long distance runner, and am in very good shape, I've never been injured before or anything, and am in good health and take good care of myself. I ran in the OC 5K on Sunday, and trying ...

Does putting raw meat on a black eye really work? If so, why?
I've often heard that putting a raw steak against a black eye will help. I've never tried it before, but I want to know, does it really work? If so, in what ways does it help, and why does it help?

It's not just the meat it's the cold, you can use a frozen bag o green beans if you want

Forget the old adage about putting a steak or a piece of raw meat on a black eye. No scientific evidence supports this claim. In addition, there is a danger in putting potentially bacteria-laden meat on a mucous membrane or an open skin injury. Black Eye Treatment Self-Care at Home Rest and ice applied early after the injury help to decrease swelling and pain. * Ice helps to decrease swelling by constricting blood vessels, by decreasing fluid accumulation, and by cooling and numbing the area. Apply ice for 20 minutes an hour every hour while awake, for the first 24 hours. Ice should not be applied directly to the injury. To avoid potential cold injury to the site, wrap the ice in a cloth or use a commercial ice pack. A bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth makes a good ice pack. * Protect the area from further injury. Stay away from athletic or other possibly injurious activities until after the eye has healed.

The man in the box...
No, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's meat. It's just that most meat comes from a freezer or refrigerator so it's cold. Cold helps keep the swelling down, hence using cold meat. An ice pack wrapped in a thick towel is just as good...and probably more sanitary.

I think it's the cold that helps reduce swelling and alleviate a little of the pain. Raw meat stays cold longer than a wet cloth. Ice directly on the skin will numb it (more pain); covering ice with a cloth ends up drippy.

well it always use to work for fred flintstone and barney rubble in the flintstones. so i would go to ask.com and either ask the question there, or ask them a remedy for a black eye. lol phat beatz

the only reason it helps is because the steak which is cold is a substitue for a bag of ice and anything else thats cold that can keep swelling down

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