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 Contact problem?
Why is it that when I put my contacts on, on my right right eye, it starts to hurt/sting? The pain will be there for about 5 minutes; then go away, but it's soo irritating! I've had ...

 When someone is injured and in pain, does the belief of others help or hinder the healing process?
I'm sure there are cases of both but what is the normal, including, the tendency to avoid re-injury....

 Why is it called a funnybone if it is NOT funny when you hit it?

 nose piercing tea tree oil sea salt infection?
OK, you guys have helped me before, so here I go again. My nose piercing got infected after I got sick and I have been on antibiotics for it and finished my whole prescription a couple of days ago (1...

 suffered a forceful blow to the back of my head several months ago and now I am having?
bad headaches, ear pain and sinus pain. could this be all related, at firat I had a soft dent in the back of my skull bu now it is a raised bony area. I was at the ER for a different injury that ...

 what do workers comp payout settlemt for acl surgery for both knee?
I had acl surgery on both of my knees . would like to know what percent do they rate you on a average? and would likely wood be the settlement? date of injury 2005...

 I hurt my leg a while back and now everytime I exercise I get the worst cramps ever on all sides of it. why?

 scary im in 4th grade and im thinking about running away or killling my self?

 my quesiotn is this...is it normal to feel like a throbbing, burning tearing feeling after being imtimate ?
my b/f and i were intimate and i an very tight and havne't been wiht many men. I am also very small down south of the border, my b/f and i were intimate and it hurts really bad, i tried to ...

 Neck/Shoulder Pain?
Since 2 weeks I'm having a pain from the left back of my shoulders right up to my neck . I am unable to move neck properly, though I don't have that much pain and actually I don't ...

 I Just Got Crutches?
Ok so I just found out that I have two lateral tracking patellas and I have two braces and crutches, and I have walked on other ppl's before but I can't seem to figure out how to walk on ...

 how long do back sprains take to heal?
hi, In gym on tuesday, 3/6, i fell from climbing the rope when i was coming down about 5 feet off the ground.. the nurse and my mom said it was a back sprain. first of all im not sure if it'...

 How do I know if I have a stress fracture?
Lately [for the past week or so] my left foot has been hurting to walk or put pressure on, and is quite painful especially after high intensity swimming. I've done some research and the symptoms ...

 Anything 4 scar removal?
I have scars on my arm from misquito bites from last summer. I have asked a pharmacy if there is any cream but they said there is no stuff that make scars go away. it looks like blotches of different ...

 Ever taken a hit in the groin?
What happened and what did you do to recover?...

 Can sleeping on the floor cause scoliosis?
Ive been sleepiing on the floor since January and sometimes when I wake up I have a little bit of back pain. Its nothing at all severe and its only some nights. Is this a sign of scoliosis? (I ...

 My back just popped. Its extremely painful in the center lower part of my back. What is the best thing for it?
A couple of weeks ago I slipped on the ice while getting my fish house on the back of the truck. I had trouble with my back since then. As soon as it started to feel better, I slipped getting out of ...

 How do u know if a nerve has been Cut??
Since having a c section i have constant pain in the area that was cut. its like someone is pulling on a string sometimes and others like there is a knife in my side.. No "i dont know or not ...

 why is a slip disc painful?

 Shin Splint Pain?
I have horrible shin splints and the pain is unbearable. How can I help reduce pain and get the muscles to heal?...

Does Mel Gibson have a rotator cuff injury since he can dislocate his shoulder at will?
I asked a question about my own shoulder that dislocates from time to time and everyone thinks it sounds like a rotator cuff injury. So since Mel Gibson dislocated his shoulder at will in Lethal Weapon does that mean he is (or was) walking around with a rotator cuff injury?

No, I have the same and so does 2 of my boys. IT is just the joint and the muscle can easily be dislocated and readjusted without pain. That is just the way God made us.

I can dislocate my left hip at will. It has never been injured.

He didn't really do it, he was acting. In real life, any of the fibrous matter in your shoulder can get ruined, causing the shoulder to be able to dislocate.

That was only in Lethal Weapon dude... its hollywood


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