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 Physical Therapy for Back: What should I expect?
My backs always been great until last week. X Ray says I have degenerative disc disease and spasm causing pain/tightness in neck and lumbar spine. Two quick questions:

1. What should I ...

 What is this pain in my calves?
I am in highschool playing volleyball in my senior year, I've been playing for 7 years and never had this problem: My calves feel like they are about to explode when I play for awhile, I warm up,...

 I got knocked out. What should I do?
Right, I was walking home one night withsome mtes after a party and I can't remember myself but there was a issue involved a group of people and I ended up getting knocked out by recieving a ...

 My partner fell on his tailbone almost 3 weeks ago and it's still extremely painful, what could it be?
He had a fight in a pub and landed funny. We've been and had an x-ray and they've confirmed there's nothing broken but he is still in agony. It's sore to touch, he can only lie on ...

 Possible dislocated shoulder?
I have a super sharp pain in my shoulder joint, and its been there for about a week, I was throwing knives and i feel liked it came out of place or something, I went to the chiropractor and he fixed ...

 i just had a deep cleaning and now i been bleedingfor two days now what can i do to heal faster?
i hadnt been to the dentist in years and now that i went for a deep cleaning my top gums wont stop bleeding.Help! its been two days and the dentist just said itll go away....

 i rolled my ankle 3 days ago...need help!?
as i have said i have rolled my ankle 3 days ago while playing basketball. to day i played again. for the first hour it was fine, but later on while i was running i started having pain in my foot ...

 Why does your eye bruise if....?
My brother punched me where my eyebrow is and yet i still got a black eye?
like under my eye and everything?
Why did i get a black eye where my eye wasn't even hit. It was my eyebrow/ ...

 How long does it take for a carpet burn to completely heal?
I got a carpet burn about the size of a quarter on my neck about 2 weeks ago. It scabbed over and fell off and for a week now there has been a big shiny pink spot of skin where the carpet burn was. I...

 Can you bite the flesh off from someone's body?Is it possible?
I just saw some movies that someone just bite off the flesh from someone else(it was a human being,no science fiction in it).
Now I'm thinking that can it actually happen in real?...

 I got hit by a car a few days ago?
This past Saturday I got hit by a cab in a 25 mph zone. It was mostly my fault, as I didn't look twice before crossing, but that isn't important right now lol. It's kind of a blur, ...

 Broken finger still hurts!?
I broke my index finger right into 2 wks ago. Doc said it was a clean break and was able to put it back in place without pins. He put it in a splint and taped it with my middle finger and said it ...

 What is the severity of a punctured lung?
Say a small caliber bullet passed through a person's torso without any fragmentation, deviation or damage to ribs and spine. Just a small hole from front to back.

Would this sort of ...

 how do i fake a sprain?
well i have crutches i just want my mom to think i sprained it bad.
or give me someways that i really can sprain it ...

 I have a cyst on my tail bone. What can I do to make it go away without going to the doctor?

 How do you reduce swelling fast?
I had a operation on my knee a week ago but its still the size of a bowling ball. Its stopping me from being able to bend it and its agony to walk on it. I was wondering how do you reduce swelling as ...

 My finger will not bend help me?
i was playing football and i got my finger caught in another players jersey. Theres not really any pain but i just pphisically cannot bend the joint on the last digit towards the tip on my right ...

 He fell out of a tree....Is it broken?!!?!?! How do I make him go to the doctor?!?
My bf was trying to be nice and decided to do yard clean up for me yesterday. He retrieved a ball and toy my son had thrown ontop of the roof and then he decided to climb an old dead tree in the ...

 My boyfriend hit me and I have head pain four months later?
I had a negative reaction to a psychiatric drug and I was feeling suicidal. I mentioned it to my boyfriend, and he thought I was trying to kill myself right then, so he hit me on the head.
I got ...

 How to get rid of swelling/infection in my friends leg?
my gf shot up meth in her leg and missed. I didnt know til after. her leg is swollen , red, and feverish. She can't stand on it. For obvious reasons she wont go to the hospital. How do I help ...

Christopher B
Cut my finger, now its numb.?
I cut my finger on a light blub yesterday. I went to the doctor and got four stitches. The cut is the first crease right above the palm.

It's been numb since before I went to the doctor, but when I told the doctor that he didn't seem worried(maybe worried isn't the right word, didn't care is better). So yeah, it's numb up and down the entire finger. I can still feel things, but it's very dull.

I also get shards of pain up and down that finger seemingly for no reason at all. It's very sudden and painful, but fades after 2 seconds or so. It feels like needles stabbing up and down my finger, but a lot all at once.

sounds like u cut some nerves

Eric Hyatt
see the doctor again

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