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 I seem to have a very small skelf stuck in my finger i can feel it but not see it and it begining to throb ?
i've been putting germoline on it with a plaster to try and draw it out but it's not working and when i leave off the plaster it catches on thing and it's driving me mad how do you ...

 i have broken my finger playing rugby and i was just wondering whether or not i should play on the 5th or not?
on the x ray it shows a crack and a little spot floating about and i just want some clarification about it yeh it doesn't hurt atall and i did finish the match without it being strapped up so ...

 what would happen if a peice of food went past the air hole and into the lungs?
imagine you were eating something and saw something on telly that was really funny and you had to luagh for hours. the food get stuck in you air way, but the goes down what would happen?...

 Is my NOSE BROKEN or not?
Hey... Where do I start? I was coming home last night with a few friends and a drunken idiot walks up and decides to punch me in the nose, because I was sticking up for my mate (he was pushing around ...

 What could this knee injury be?
Hey.. ive asked a similar question before about this and i have looked up some info on injuries with the knee and some of them say that it could be torn ligaments.... whats up though is that its been ...

 What have i done....?
I went out drinking on friday, and ive was jumping, as you do, and now both my calf's hurt still, if i have strained something how long should it take to get back to normal, because it hurts ...

 Has anyone had a rotator cuff injury and found that the other arm goes out in sympathy?

 I have a really bad burn from a lighter on my arm, when will it go away?
In August when I went on holiday with all my friends when I was asleep one night someone burnt me on my arm with a lighter. It used to look horrible but now its getting better, will the white scar be ...

 How long does it take for a broken finger to heal?
i have had a fractured finger, i got some bandage around it but i like to know how long a broken finger takes to heal?...

 How do you get on crutches?
look i really wanna get on to crutches and if i don't before im 16 and don't tell me oh you don't wanna be on crutches blah blah blah....

 When I bend or straighten my knee..?
There's a grinding sound, not nice I know. It's not too loud luckily, but is this a problem..? I'm only thirteen :s ...

 I Have costochondritis How do i live my life ?
I Fell off my bike and the handle bars hurt my chest i went to the doctor & the gave me antibiotics, but they never worked, so they gave me ibubrofen and still didnt work, Then they doctor said i ...

 X-Ray advice will it really show the problem?
I have suffered with sciatica for the last 6 years the doctors have helped with medication over the years and I had so physio nothing has really helped. He is referring me for an x-ray just worried ...

 What is wrong with my toe?
My toe has become very sore, but I have not stumped it or done anything else to it. It is red around the toe, and hurts when I walk on it or touch the side of it. What could be wrong with it? I'...

 Knee sore on right of left knee ?
knee sore on right of left knee and tender to touch. I got this pain from running. The pain got worse after a few days i can still walk ok but if i try to run my knee gets weak and collapses and i ...

 whats wrong with my ankle!!!
last monday i fell and hurt my ankle. it swelled a bit the swelling is gone down!!! it is still sore and there is still a bump on my ankle i dont think its swelling tho!!! help what could be the ...

 hi i had a'nose job' 18 months ago and the cartalidge has not gone down yet is this normal to take so long ?

 Is it possible i could have done damage to my hip?
I tore cartillage completely off my hip. The doctor sowed it on and put anchors in my hip to keep the cartillage in place. Yesterday my mom lost her temper and kept yanking this crutch i was holding ...

 clavicle bone will not heal.broke abt 17 months now,have pain in scapula when using M/cycle anything i can do

 can anyone please help?
hi all i had abit of an accident yesterday i jump off my sons bed onto one of his toys and cut my foot open, anyway since last night i have not been able to walk on my foot because when i try i get a ...

Co-codamol slight overdose ?? what can I do?
my wife has returned home complaining of a bad headache, I was recentley perscribed some co-codamol, I gave her two which was my normal dose. Now she is feeling quite dizzy and sick although the headache has gone as she feels numb. How long will this last and how can I help the effects of the painkiller to ware off. In otherwords whats the best thing to do ?

Is she taking anything else which could have mixed badly with it?

I'd agree with the desert camel, I very much doubt if it's an overdose. Co-codamol is a powerful painkiller and know side-effects include: feeling or being sick, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, dry mouth, rash. If that's what's happening, it will wear off in a few hours, helped by drinking plenty of water to flush it through. Mind you, it might be whatever it is that gave her the headache in the first place, perhaps she's coming down with something. If you're worried, as he says by all means ring NHS Direct.

altonius hadzisius
The dizziness and sickness is caused by the codeine(a morphine like chemical) in co-codamol.The effects should wer off in some 4-6 hours. If the pain returns give her plain paracetamol 2x500mg every 6 hours and no more that 8 tablets in any 24 hour period.

desert camel
i dont think you can OD on them[and deff not off 2]...but to be safe ring the doctors or uk,nhs direct...they will put your mind at ease..

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