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 If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?

 My daughter fell yesterday flat on her front-side and is having a lot of pain in the left abdominal area.?
It started to swell last night but it is severley painful when you barely touch it. How many days should I wait to do anything about it? Now, please realize, I am a very responsible parent, she ...

 Last night my pinky and ring finger were numb and having sharp pains through to the elbow.....any suggestions?

 Why my pelvis bone (sacrum) is sticking out? It almost look like it was broken before?
I usually never had problems with my bones. But when i work out it bothers me. When I so any execise on my back like crunches it hurts. And once i move to certain area while i work out next day i am ...

 can an accident trigger ms?
one of my co workers had an accident at work- a tow truck let down the back tow part of the truck on the back of my co workers foot. since then he has been to the dr.'s office several times to ...

 What is the best way of healing shin splints?

 Is it okay if water goes into a cast?
I had a cover for my foot and water still managed to get into the cast. Is that okay? The cast is a little loose....

 hey i just got my lip pierced 6 days ago and have been doing everything the guy said to. someone help me out?
so first question. when im cleaning using the dial anti-bact hand soap (what the guy said to use) do i spin the lip ring through so some soap gets in there? cause that kinda hurts. well not so much ...

 Foot injury?
My foot has been hurting for about 2 weeks now. I don't know how i even hurt it because i was doing anything active because a sore on my other foot. When I raise my big toe up is when it hurts ...

 Is it ok if dance with this condition?
I play basketball for my school team but recently i've been playin myself too hard because last saturday my back muscles were a little too tight and started spasming. I saw the doctor and he ...

 i accidentally slammed my finger in the door, it is only the top where the nail is.?
what can i do to make the pain go away. If possible by the afternoon tommorow?...

 help anyone please?
So my grandmother, who is 82, broke her thigh bone and as everyone told me and my family that the bone at that age doesnt grow that good and scared us. but it started to heal .. only after a month.. ...

 is there any way to speed the healing process of a scab?
I always seem to cut myself shaving (unintentionally). I realize I need to be more careful, but other than that, how can I speed the healing process of the cuts I already have? are there any home ...

 Ear question....?
So for anybody who knows anything about medical....question....
i woke up this morning and the skin right near my ear was peeling. Now the inside of my ear is peeling...the skin on the inside of ...

 permanent hand injury?
What would be a reasonable amount of money to compensate for an accident causing loss of grip 50% of my dominant hand? I had a fall and the company has accepted liability....

 Would using crutches...?
Would using crutches help a bruise on your leg get better faster or would just doing normall things on it? I have had a bruise for eight weeks but my doctor didnt tell me to do anything but ice it ...

 My feet are still swollen from my cutting them up is that good or bad?

 How can I get a good cardio workout w/out putting stress on my ankles?
I recently severely bruised my right ankle & during recovery. I am not able to do any aerobics, cycling (stationary) or walking/running...which would put stress on this ankle for at least 2 ...

 Does anyone now some back stretches that help if I have a bum disc at the T12-L1 level?
I need to know. It's better than it was in the summer, but sitting in class can make it painful.

Thanks for the ideas....

 Can someone plz help me!?
Ok well I just recently went 2 the doctor because I hurt my knee in gym. He said I strained/tore it and sent me 2 someone else this person said I just need 2 rest it. I rested, Elevated, Iced it, W...

Cartilage Ear Piercing Lump/Bump on the Back of Ear?
I got my cartilage pierced at Claires about 1.5yrs ago. RIght now It is okay but not healed completely. On the back of my ear there on the cartilage part where the who is. It is raised like a bump it feels like cartilage or something. I'm not sure, though. Can this go away because I have a friend who's ear is pierced and hers does not have a hump or bump on the back of it all all. Has anyone have this on the back of their ear and what did you do? Do I have to go to th doctor. It is not infected just raised like pushed out cartilage covered by skin!! Thanks

I had that also, (mine was infected) and I cleaned it and it went away in about a week

As long as it is not HUGE, and not infected, it is OK, just massage it daily to break down the scar tissue. If you start having infection, drainage, or pain...then you may need to go have it removed.

I got my cartilage pierced a while ago and i dont put an ear ring in there anymore, but when i do i get that bump your talking about. Its normal, all you do is apply a bit of pressure on it and rub it in a circular motion like 10 min a day everyday, it will go down. dont worry!

C. J.
The lump on the back of your ear is called a keloid, it's a type of scar tissue. My babysitter had them on the backs of her earlobes and they were huge, like gumballs, she had to have them surgically removed, and could not put earrings into her ears. Many times it's unique to Asians and African Americans.


Same thing here. I went to clairs and got my cartilage pierced. It was about a year, not fully healed, and i got this lump on my ear as well but on the front. I don't know what it was but it kept growing. I took the earing out and it closed almost instantly. The bump was still there, but after a few days it went down. My ear is closed and it's been about 8 months already. My cartilage now has a bump were my ear was pierced. I don't know if you have the same thing or not, but i'd get it checked out.

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