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Amber L
Bruised my shin 3 months ago and it still hurts?
I was playing soccer about 3 months ago when my shin smashed into someone elses. The pain was very bad at the time, to the point where I couldn't walk for a few minutes and the swelling and bruising was immediate.

Like I said, it has been 3 months and it still still bruised (not as badly as when it first happened but it hasn't changed in 2 months), still slightly swollen, numb at the center of the impact site but painful all around it.

Any idea as to what the heck happened and why I'm still in pain? I'm in the Army so I'm hesitant to get it check out.

Most likely you crushed some bone here, that is why you are having a problem the bones are not healing correctly back together. If you decide to get it checked and fixed most likely will involve re-breaking of the fractured area's and pins placed.

You may have a fracture (hairline)............I would go get it checked out before you REALLY hurt it and can't walk anymore......My friend had a hairline fracture in her hip for a YEAR before she found out why she was hurting and limping.........Take care...........

just me
Could be a bone bruise. I have one on my foot from 5 months ago that is FINALLY getting better.

Kimberly T
My daughter had the same thing happen to her, she had to leave the Army because of this. All so she fractured her hip during the 25 mile march.

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