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 Do you know any day surgery that would put you on bed rest?

 can a person actually touch their toes when they get older even when they couldnt while they were young?
the other day my back was hurting, i had slept in a bad position, i bent down to get a better move for my back and i realized that i could easily touch my toes. im 24 now, i havent gone to the gym in ...

 What vital signs should be taken when a runner collapses?

 How long does a broken finger take to heal??
Saw the doc, had an xray, the bottom bone of my pinky is broken. He gave me a splint, said use for 5 weeks. I take it off for showering, and it's STILL swelled up. Only hurts if I try bend it. ...

 How long do it take a tounge pierceing to heal?
Iam thinking about getting my tounge pierce this weekend but i want to know the healing process can someone please help me i want to know how bad is the pain ....

 I believe i,ve got a bladder infection.what anti-biotics would anyone recomend?

 Post-immobilisation physiotherapy for ankle jt?
Two moths back I got fracture of talus and leg immobilised in plaster cast. Now cast has been removed. Doctors have adviced to do physiotherapy but I dont know what is proper way to do it?

 Has anyone had ear damage when on an airplane and if you had to see an ear doctor, what helped? Or if you k
(know) something natural that works, what helped?

For many weeks now I hafe limited hearing and some inner fluid in that ear . The pressure in the plane when decending really hurt .......

 Will a 81 mg of aspirin hurt my dalmation's leg joint(old injury). He is 8 years old. Seem's to help him

 Does smoking prevent healing of a spinal injury?

 I bled out of my ear, is the hearing loss permanent?
A friend fired a large caliber pistol about 4 inches from my ear. It started bleeding, but not much. This was almost a year ago, and my hearing hasn't returned. I haven't been to a ...

 is my wrist broken?
well my wrist is hurting on the tops of the vains and their is a lump {swollen} their and on the side also and it hurts when i write bend it and like open the fridge is it broken or fractured?...

 Can a venipunture hurt for two weeks?
Can a hematoma that results from venipunture result in a bruise on the inner side and below the elbow? the pain from the procedure lasting for two weeks?and the pain is also felt on the bicep muscle, ...

 Please help with my left thumb?
Sometimes when I bend my thumb, it sort of doesn't want to move so I have to relax it and then slowly move it, it doesn't hurt or tingle or anything I'm just curious as to what it is ...

 Are there any doctors in Oklahoma who know how to do artificial disc replacement?

 Sore Ribs.. Broken, Bruised, or Seperated?
I was playing Basketball with some friends 1 week ago and took a shoulder in the ribs. It knocked the wind out of me but I was able to keep playing. The pain is bearable but constant a week later. ...

 knee pain and popping?
About one month ago, I went running and after I was done, I had extreme pains going through both of my knees. I run frequently and have never had this problem before. After I felt this intense pain, I...

 Lower back pain after working out?
I go to the gym about 3 - 4 times a week, do low-impact cardio and some free weights. I've started having a strange lower back pain, right on the spine, just above where my back curves in.

 ever have surgery on a pianiddle(sp?) sisst(sp?)?
this is the sisst (boil) just below the tail bone. the actual boil is gone right now but the problem is still there down in. i am having it cut out in a couple weeks. i am just looking for other ...

 My 5yr old is double jointed & was suggested he stay away from contact sports.?
What excersices can he as a young boy do to build supportive muscle around his joints? He loves basketball and I would hate to take this away from him. He has had no injuries but this is more ...

Bone sticking out on top of foot!?
I have this bone (3rd metatarsal, cuneiform area) - in other words, if I follow the third toe, (bone), up to my ankle, it's just below my ankle, almost mid-way (very top of my foot), and it's round in shape, and sticks out. It's actually a bit sore now, because I've been walking on it, but never really took notice of it, until I took a second job, where a lot of walking and standing really had an impact on it. Now, however, when I walk or stand too much, or put all my weight on my right foot, it gets a 'clicky' feeling, and it gets sore really quick!
Is this a fracture happening again, but in slow motion??? I'm worried because my third toe feels a bit numb. The bone is about the size of a dime and bulges out. It's not swollen, though....any thoughts?

It sounds like you need to get an X-ray at the doctor.


Tenn Gal
What you described sounds like a bunion.
Bunions result from inflammation and thickening of the bursa and cause abnormal bone formation and misalignment of the toe.

Bunions can be related to inflammation or to degenerative disease (e.g., osteoarthritis). They cause redness, tenderness, and pain, and alter the normal position of the first toe.

"Bunions worsen over time and cause discomfort, difficulty walking, and skin problems such as corns and lesions. Sometimes, a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) near the joint becomes inflamed (called bursitis), causing additional swelling, redness, and pain.

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