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 What does taping up your ankle do?
Long story short ;

Hurt my ankle Monday@practice.
Hurts when I play.
Told my coach what happened.
He told me to rest it.
He said at practice (today) he'll wrap it ...

 Is there something wrong with my hip?
About a foot across from my groin, around my upper thigh I mean just near my Gluteus Maximus, I have a mild pain-or ache you may call it. I know it isn't a muscle pain, as it only occurs when I ...

 what exercises can I do while on crutches?
I tore some ligaments in my left ...

 Sprained Ankle? Should i be worried?
I sprained my ankle a couple years ago and ever since i've noticed that the ankle i sprained looks like it sticks out i guess is the best way to describe it.It look really different from before ...

 Hairline fracture in pinky finger?
I got hit in the finger at my basketball game the other day. I went to the ER that night, they x-rayed it and splinted it and told me that i have a very small hairline fracture. My question is how ...

 Should I go see a doctor?
I have a full leg cast, and I'm on crutches. I am not very good at getting around on my crutches yet and today while crutching, my crutch slipped on a loose throw rug and i fell really hard. I ...

 I hit my head and now it feels warm?
I was sledding backwards down a hill and flew over a one and a half foot ramp and hit my head and chest on the ice-like snow (we got 12"). Now my head hurts a little when I am not touching it ...

 Dorsiflexion or plantarflexion?
I think it is dorsiflexion, but anyways, it is hard to get my heel down. Normally when you walk, you walk heel-to-toe, but my right foot got injured in a car wreck and with my right foot I walk toe-...

 Should I call 911..............?
A couple minutes ago I was out side and I slipped and hit the back of my head (where the skull and spine meet) was knocked out for a few seconds. I don't know if I should call 911 of not. I am 13...

 rE: A bruise that is not going away from a needle since Fri??? SHould I be worried?
I was hospitalized on Friday the 21st and when a nurse gave me a drip (IV) she missed the vein and instead got the tissue and fat which hurt and since then my arm is bruised (where she placed the ...

 Pain in left wrist while bending.?
When I bend my left wrist I have a pain in it. I have no clue what I could of done to my wrist. I'm going skiing tomorrow is there any way to make it feel better by then. I'm only 14 and in ...

 Info on broken toe please.?
My friend broke her toe. She is highly atheletic and doesn't want to do future damage to it, but wants to get back to doing stuff. She taped it, iced it, for one week, today it still looks ...

 What kind of wrist injury could I have?
I was playing baseball and was up to bat. The pitcher threw a fastball and it hit me on the outside of the wrist. At first, it was just a normal hit-by-pitch pain, but after about 15 minutes, the ...

 I am experiencing arm pain between my elbow and shoulder, does anyone know what it is?
I have been dealing with this for atleast a year. I get a pinching type feeling in my upper arm that does not hurt all the time but only when a do a motion like doing a left hand layup or throwing a ...

 i think i broke my hand, but....?
A few days ago my hand got shut in my van door.
The swelling was minor until i put gloves on two days ago then things went downhill very quickly.
My hand and finger are bruises and swollen ...

 a bat hit my ankle.is it broken?

 how do i no if i have broken toe?
its all swollen and big and bruised and i REALLY REALLY HURTS!! ah can anybody help me?...

 Need to crack my ankle?
A long time ago I got a really bad sprain to my ankle and every now and then it feels like a lot of pressure is built up in it and I need to crack it, like with knuckles. I flex and twist it plenty ...

 Might have a Pinched Nerve?
I am having pain in the back of my head a bit and some in my neck, also whenever i move my head back and to the left my neck cracks, i was just wondering because if i got a pinched nerve from lying ...

 Is my knee sprained or did I tear a ligament?
I was at dance and I did a jump and landed right on my knee. At first I could barely get up and then I couldn't bend it or put any weight on it. It slowly started to feel a little bit better but ...

After spraining an ankle, is it normal for the ankle to turn black and blue?


i agree with the other response. i sprained my ankle to the point where i snapped several ligaments and ripped groups of muscles right in half and bones in my ankle came out of place... it was black/blue/purple/green/yellow for weeks and weeks.... ive also sprained my other one where it was just a light sprain and it didnt turn any colors so i would assume something a little more serious is going on then just a typical sprain. you should go back to your doctor.

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