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After a blood draw, my arm is bruised and my veins hurt. Why?
I got my blood drawn about two weeks ago. Right after that I noticed my veins were really red and seemed to be popping out. It's no longer red, but a large part of my arm is bruised and it hurts a lot. It seems to be spreading to larger areas rather than getting better. What is wrong??? I'm really worried :( And what should I do?

there was injury to the site when it was drawn. It will eventually fade and the pain will eventually go away. Sometimes can take up to a week to settle. If it gets hot, red, itchy and swollen, please see you healthcare provider as you may have an infection. If its a bruise it will eventually heal. The vein that was punctured bled out into the internal tissue and now the body has to reabsorb the blood and heal the tissue. A bruise takes up to 4 days after the injury to appear and spread. After that it usually heals and you can have a bruise for up to 3 weeks. If you develop a fever, go to the hospital.

I can not asses exactly the severity of your condition, it may be just phlebitis (Inflammation of veins) which doesn't need any worry, I don't know also of you have any hemorrhagic blood disease may cause this subcutaneous hemorrhage.....Let a medic see you in the nearest ER, and don't worry

Tara E
It's called hemaconcentration. It's when blood comes to the tissue level and leaves a bruise. It does take a while to go away, so you could just wait. But if your really worried then go see a health care provider.

That happens a lot. It basically means that when they took your blood they accidently poked the needle through the vein in the initial insertion. It's not dangerous, it's just going to be sore and bruised for a long time. The best thing to do would be to put ice on it for a little while each day. It'll help take the swelling down some. If you don't see improvement after a few days of doing this, or the area seems to be spreading rapidly, then go to the doctor cause it might still be bleeding. But for right now I wouldn't worry too much. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

You had someone who wasn't very good drawing your blood and they caused a subcutaneous hemorrhage. I strongly suggest you see a doctor as more severe damage could have been done or an infection introduced.

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