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 Bruised my shin 3 months ago and it still hurts?
I was playing soccer about 3 months ago when my shin smashed into someone elses. The pain was very bad at the time, to the point where I couldn't walk for a few minutes and the swelling and ...

 i have bruises.....?
i am all of the sudden getting bruises on the bottom of my left foot. and they are really painful..where could they have come from?...and is there any thing that i can do to make them go away?...

 Cortisone Shot?
Would a cortisone shot help my elbows? I have had golfer's elbow (tendinidous) in one of them for over a year....

 Does this indicate that i may have carpal tunnel syndrome?
My wrist has been aching and getting cold lately, usually at night, sometimes it feels like it's stiff. I do type alot, but i'm still very young. Is it possible that i have carpal tunnel ...

 Knuckle pain?
I'm having pain in the middle knuckle of my middle finger (no wisecracks here, I'm dead serious) I hurt my hand last winter doing gymnastics stuff and I jammed the finger. It remained ...

 How much money do lawyers know to ask or sue the responsible insurance company in injury cases for?
My son was riding his motorcycle on a street when a man failed to yield. My son hit the side of the truck,was knocked out and has a two inch scar on his chin for the rest of his life. The mans ...

 More opinions needed on this.........Anyone in med field?
Ok, I am a veteran of the Army. While I was active duty, I 'sprained' my ankle, which gave me bursitis in my hip. I have been out of the military since 02 and they (VA hospital) say that ...

 the knuckle on my index finger has swollen up , i cannot bend it ,the skin feels tight around it.anyone know w
I was only washing up the dishes, have not fallen or knocked my hand or anything.There is some pain, not too much.It looks like it is bruised where it is swollen....

 how do i write comfortably with a broken finger?
i have broken the ring finger on my right hand,but i am right handed. how do i write comfortably and without it hurting too much?...

 Can and/or should you do yoga if you have disc problems?
I read that yoga may help, and if it does, how does it help specifically? What pose will help? My disc problem is on my back....

 what will happen if someone falls and hangs upside down too long? How long before they are in danger of dying
My son fell out of a deer blind and his leg hung in the steps. Luckily, the whole blind fell . Would he have died from being hung like that?...

 Question for RNs: Have you suffered a work related injury? Do you continue to work?
this question is for nurses only. I am doing a paper on work related injuries. Thank you for your cooperation....

 Swollen ankle after several months?
I rolled my ankle (stepped on someone's foot playing basketball) about 6 months ago, and my ankle is still swollen. The whole ankle area is not swollen, just the outer ankle bone. There is no ...

 who do i file with to get short term disabilty?

 What's the best way to rehabilitate a broken leg?
After being in a cast for 6 weeks - what's the best and most effective way to totally rehabilitate from a broken leg?

How do the professionals prepare, eat and train for a quick and ...

 I sprained my ankle over 2 weeks ago. I can walk fine now, but recently there is alot of swelling.?
The cold air hurts it. How long until it is healed? I am already taking an anti-inflammatory medicine daily for an arm problem, but it doesnt seem to keep the swelling down. What else can I do?...

 I have a winged scapula condition. Does anybody know any excercises that I could do to fix it or a website?

 What do I do with a sprained thumb?
Yesterday, I think I sprained my right thumb in volleyball. Now, it hurts just to move my thumb (not the knucle, but the joint below the knuckle). It also hurts if I press on the joint. The joint is ...

 Hip/Pelvic pain - any ideas?
I have been for some time noticing a pain in my left lateral iliac crest area. The pain is a mix between sharp and dull (it is mostly what I would describe as dull, but with sharp twinges on impact)....

 OmG i think i sprained my wrist!!!!!?
i have a ganglion cyst too and some one fell on me during indoor soccer at 10:30 this morningan it has hurt ever since then i wraped it up in an ace bandage and it stopped hurting after a wile

Candra T
A jogger has stepped in a pothole and sprained his ankle. What systems have suffered damage?

Why do so many ignorant people waste everyone's time with their stupidity? If you're going to answer questions-act like you have some kind of IQ!
To the question at hand- the answer is endless! You didn't give any details regarding your problem but here's one for thought. I sprained my foot and ankle a year and a half ago that ended in "RSD"! This is very common, very painful, and very dibilitating! You need to get to a specialist as soon as possible because if you are suffering from RSD it has a very limited window of opportunity for treatment!!!! RSD stands for "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy" which involves the sympathetic nervous system. Go online and do some research for a better understanding! www.rsds.org

The department of highways caused the damage.

it&#39;s your own fault
Eyes. The jogger was to egotistcal to wear their glasses while running. Observation, the jogger lost sight of the road that laid ahead. Intellegence, the jogger wasn[t smart enough to wear glasses and pay attention to where they placed their feet.

Side note. If you are a jogger, and you see a car coming towards you. Get off the road.

The sewer system under the pothole? Do I win a prize?

lugar t axhandle
the road has been damaged, for sure!! but im guessing they wont hold you liable for the damage unles you admit to it..

char g
You don't really know until you go to a hospital or a doctor. You could have pulled the ligamints and tendons in your ankle along with the sprain. Without x rays there is no way of knowing.

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