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 Knee pains from excessive walking & climbing?
I have been on a hard scramble and a long hike 3 weeks ago with my FITTER mates. I managed both trips, each lasting 7.5 hrs to 9 hrs. I reckon I have over-did my knees and put too much strain onto ...

 My Throat is Driving me Crazy.... I don't kno what to do anymore PlZ Help?
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 Black toenail, should have fallen off but didnt, new one growing, not painful, what will happen?
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 how do you get your mom to take me to the doctor?
i have a sprained wrist i think....my mom is in denial. she wont take me.asking isnt ...

 do i have a broken thumb!?!?
i was stealing 2nd base in softball and when i slid my finger caught on a metal hole in the ground.

it didnt hurt much but it felt a twinge of pain, when i looked and touched it, the whole ...

 I sprained my ankle 3 days ago, but the swelling went down a little, do i still have to ice and elevate?
It's still tense and a little bruised, but i can walk on it almost perfectly. It is swollen, but not as much as before. I have a basketball game in 3-4 days so i want to play, but of course i ...

 I think i've injured my back, should i go to the doctor???
My back has been hurting very bad lately. I can't lay straight on my back,it makes my legs go numb so i have to lay on my side,even when i sit they go numb. And when i bend over it catches and ...

 I have a bruise...what should i do?
I have a bruise on my back and have had it for 6 months. Should i worry? i dont know how i got the bruise in the first place either so it doesnt help. It is located to the right of my back, between ...

 I fell down my steps this morning and now there's something white poking through my skin...is it a bone?

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 I have an annoying hangnail. Should I tear it off or cut it off or ignore it?

 what do you do for a broken rib?

 i burned myself with scolding hot water i have applied ice and have a huge blister its on the palm of my hand?
what should i do next i am thinking about going to the dr....

 I can't move my neck. What should I do?
I slept fine and my neck was ok up until 2minutes ago....

 Half of my toenail is coming off and the other half is still intact...?
about a week ago i stubbed my toe on my stairs, then it started getting all dark and gray. so eventually half of the toenail started coming up, so i went online and read that i should cut the part ...

 tough decision... not sure what to do.?
i just found out through an MRI that my the tendons and ligaments in my right wrist (im right handed) are so thin that they are ready to snap. The doctor wants my wrist immobile and in a cast ...

 Help! Bloody noses?
I just had a very bad bloody nose (about 20 minutes ago) and it finally passed, but now I don't know what I should and shouldn't do to make sure that my bloody nose doesn't start up ...

 What does it feel like when you're high?
Okay, well today at school my nose was like feeling kind of weird and then the sensation would go to y head...
Then all of a sudden my ears started ringing I know I'm not high since I don�...

 I stepped on a rusty nail?
My dad told me to walk it ...

 how can i break my arm without me feeling it so much i dont want to do p.e. on monday?
i hate doing push ups andclimbing cuz then i get sore ...

7 days ago I was a bit drunk & fell & hit my head, there was no bruise but I have a headache ever since? ?
does anybody have any idea what could be wrong and how long will i have a headache for ?

Yeah go the hospital straight away your brain could be bleeding slowly inside and you will certainly die soon if its left but on the other hand it could just be concussion but please go the hospital now.

Dont Do What Donny Dont Does
your brain is trying to crawl out thru your nostrils and earholes

be sure to block them up or you might wake up dead tomorrow

you should really invest in a crash helmet for when you are binge drinking...it's called "responsibility"

ps just have a beer bong or two and you'll feel better

May have a mild concussion, or swelling of the brain even a small fracture,either way talk to your doctor about it

headache could be from dehydration from being drunk.. or it could be a concussion...

Candi B

u have inside injury..u need to go doctor..

you should get yourself to a hospital to get checked out.

I would consider seeing a doctor..A week is a long time to experience a headache. And you might not think you hit your head hard but when your drunk, you don't really know.

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