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 I have hep c, and Im wondering if one symptom is rednnes in the armslike a webed type of look.?
like kinda resembles bad circulation, Im not sure cause My doc, said it was from that , but when I move around it gets redder, I dont know right now but I am going to see a heptomologist and get ...

 Who founded the typhoid fever vaccine?

 How can I prevent myself from getting thrush?
My elderly roommate got thrush from all the meds that he is on. I am the main one that takes care of him. I give him meds and his food. He is on an antifungal medication also. I just want to know how ...

 what are the symptoms of influenza type A?

 Does MS run in the family?

 describe lifestyle actions you can take to reduce your resk of developing Tuberculosis.?
the more details u give, the better chance of your answer being the best answer....

 Which diseases are resistant to Cephalosporin, griseofulvin,Bacitracin, and Polymyxin B?

 What is the difference between Zoonose and Zoonotic?

 I have been detecting HBS Ag positive since past 10 years. How do I get cured of it?

 how serious is strep throat?

 Hi, my son went to the Hospital to have a Baclofen pump inplanted under his skin but before they done it.?
They inject some into his body to see if it will make a diffrent and from that he got two bugs infectious diseases from the injecting and had a very high fever. The fever is gone for now but the bugs ...

 When will this "Bird flu pandemic" strike and kill me?
I mean, really, the media is making such a big fuss about it. They say it is going to happen in like a month, but I am not dead yet. So, any theories?...

 What are the medication that must be taken when you have tuberculosis?
I need the exact names of the medications, or were I can find the names....

 What are the sypmtoms of a sinus infection and how long does one last?
Is a headache part of a sinus infection?...

 what is viral meningitis, how do you get it. and what are the systems?

 what are the symptoms of overexposure to trimethylbenzine?
for example, does it cause peripheral neuropathy?...

 do soiled diapers of any kind need to be placed in a red biohazard garbage at a medical facility.?

 Does Tamiflu guarantee complete recovery from Avian Flu?

 what causes sea sickness? Mention it's symptoms & is there any involvement of bacterias?

 what,s the name of the prescription for a man diagnostic with chlamidya?

what is the risk of human disease from walking thru standing (rain) water (waist deep)?
wound up slogging through a rain created swamp and wanted to know what to look out for. Occurred in Toronto and should only be skin contact.

There could be any and all types of germs an diseases in that water so watch out for any sighns!!!! Be careful

I think it depends on your immune system and if you have any cuts or abrasions.

I wouldn't consider you at risk for getting anything like Ebola :) I think you're safe - don't sweat it!

Rain washes away dirt and grime which harbor bacteria and viruses fairly well.

Again, don't worry about it.

I agree with just about everyone. When excess rainwater floods into drainage areas, etc. many people believe that the water goes to a purification center. It does not! It goes directly back into our lakes and rivers and anything in that water comes in direct contact with you. This includes not only raw sewage but anything persons may have disposed of in drainage grates such as motor oil, anti freeze, lawn chemicals, animal feces, you get the picture. Just cleanse yourself thoroughly and discourage others, especially children from walking or playing in backed up rain water.

You might contact your local health dept. as the Centers for Disease Control says the risk is very high for a variety of water borne diseases.

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