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what do i do if my child is running a 104 degree fever?

HOSPITAL / DOCTOR soon. But prior to leaving give tylenol (acetaminophen) and give him/her a luke warm bath, fasts and best was to drop a temp fast. Good luck and God bless

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As one Answerer said..hope you mean 100.4 NOT 104. If its definitely 104..I DO REALLY HOPE you got time to GET to a HOSP{ITAL Immediately. DONT worry about feeding any medications..Just get to that Hospital or at least to the closest Medical professional..NOW. Get OFF the PC..Go NOW. Answer based on your information as being real.

Alex S.
a prolonged high fever like that can cause permanent brain damage. Emergency room, NOW!

Angel In The Pouring Rain..
phone doctor/hospital. keep them cool, maybe give a childrens fever medicine (not having children myself i dont know any brands sorry).

put your child in a cool - warm...NOT COLD bath immediately... the temp should go down slowly but go down. use tylenol... NOT ASPIRIN and if no definite IMPROVEMENT in 30 minutes to 45 min go to DR. if it climbs any more at all... go to dr.

Give some Tylenol to bring down the fever. Sit in a cool bath, or apply Ice pack to the following areas: Under the arm pits, between Thighs in groin area, and on head. Take temp every 30-45 min. If the temp does not go down or goes up any higher, then this turns into a medical emergency. Take your child to the emergency room then.

Jeffrey H
Get to an E/R room alcohol the baby cool down then transport to a e/R hosptial asap. Sick chilkd 104 can kill your child alcohol bath it and use a ice back to cool the baby down fever of 104 can kill a young one. seriously take it to the hostpital.

Ryan C
Take them to the hospital IMMEDIATELY!!!

Run A Bath of cool water and give he/she a tylonol to help reduce it. and if it doesnt go down you should go to the hospital.

gymnast babe
take them into the coolest room and put ice on there head. it may b hard 4 ur child 2 walk and she/he might feel a little dizzi but after a while she/he should feel better! if it stays 104 or goes up calll 911

hospital or call 911

hospital!! RIGHT NOW!!

err, yes, if its 104, childrens tylenol and hospital. if 100.4 childrens tylenol.

Hospital ASAP, or doctors office depending on what time of the day it is there. Don't wait around for it to go down by itself. That's a dangerous degree.

Hospital. NOW

You get them to the Er asap because 2 degrees more and he's dead.

some painkiller or something that gets temperature down and call/go to a doctor. i had a temp that high and thats what my mom did for me =P

104!!! you mean 100.4 i hope because if not he needs to get to the hospital and fast!!

put a fan on and give them tylenol to break the fever.

Miss Ann Thrope
Hospital. NOW.

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