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should you spit out phlegm when you have a cold?

You don't have to. It would be good to though - just to see the color of it to make sure it isn't something worse. Also, if you are coughing up phlegm, it would more than likely be bronchitis you are having.

Winx Lover
DUH, dude. Who wants snot inside of them except for in their nose where it barely belongs?

yes its is just wasteful snot in ur lungs and if u swallow it it can make you feel worse. its better to just let it all out.

Definitely. Your phlegm contains bacteria that keep the cold going. I once had the flu but never spit out the phlegm when I coughed, and I ended up coughing for 3 weeks whenn the sickness only lasted 1 week. And my friend who got it at the same time as me (there was a breakout) got over his sickness in less than a week because he spit it out.

its completely okay. its not contagious. its actually good to spit out the mucus and phlegm when you need to. dont hold it in. LET IT FLY OUT!

yeah, get that nasty shit outta there Green--ur sick Yellow--getting better White/opaque--good to go that's what i found out

Keepin' my thumbs to myself
if you can without tearing up your throat. To much plem in the stomach can lead to nausea, vomiting and if it's due to an infection, it can make it worse.

Tony V

YES! but not just infront of a bunch of ppl

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