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 Is amoxacillin and ampicilin the same?
Can u take ampicilin instead of amoxicillin for treating h-pylori?What will be the side effect if ampiciline is taken 1000 mg twice a day?...

 hot flash with nausea off and on?
I am 25 years old I have been having hot flashes with nausea for a while now the nausea has been going on for years I get at night or aleast every day ... dont know why I have changed my diet found ...

 It feels like there is something in the corner of my eye, what is it?
It feels like something is in the corner of my eye, it seems like water or something. But when I push on it and pops and stuff.o:
Its my left eye on the right corner.
What could it be?...

 Why hasn't my Strep Throat lightened up a bit. ?
its been almost two weeks since ive been on clindamycin for my strep throat. I generally feel better and not sick too much much anymore but my throat still looks the same, I'm atributing that to ...

 about fevers, please answer !?
does anyone know how to make yourself hav a fever ?

like something to put in your mouth, other than hot water.

please answer, or something to tell your mom to let her let you ...

 Levaquin and Resistance?
A few months ago, I was put on Levaquin for sinus infection and after one pill had severe gas and panic attacks (due to stresses in my life) and was put on a Z-pack. The infection never full went ...

 Germ/emetophobia help? ?
I always wash my hands before eating but I didn't this time BUT I didn't touch the actual food just the wrapper but the wrapper kinda touched the granola bar as I folded it down am I safe? I...

 What is this? Reoccuring vomiting!!? Help!!?
My mom has been vomiting since at least tuesday or wednesday, its not the flu because no one got it in my family, but she gets sick about 2-3 times a day. shes not anorexic or belemic, could this be ...

 I have the flu and black out?
I have the flu and took a bath. I was laying there and all of a sudden while staring at the faucet, everything was getting darker. The only thing I could see was the faucet but just barely....

 Have any One Use Flagyl For Bv Cure If So Do You Mind Tellen Me Did It Work Or Not?
ive been suffering from bv everysince i was 12 a year after my period im 15 now and still a virgin okay, so my bv USE to be so bad that it had a smell to it and when im hot or runing or just siting ...

 What would cause a recurring abscess?
I was born (1975) with a cyst above my left eyebrow which i had surgically removed in 1999. However since the operation, there has been developing an Abscess on the same spot. the abscess occurs at ...

 liver symptoms is itching one?

 i cant eat its been 5 days and i feel physically sick at the thought of food?

 Do i have thrush? or is it something else?
for a long time i have felt sore 'down below', it feels like the same pain as when you put your finger on an open wound, i haven't noticed any inflaming and it isn't constantly ...

 Hi...what does Hepa B antigen = reactive, and Hepa B antibody = non-reactive means?
can someone answer me?...

 If you itch at night but not in the day do you have scabies?

 The flu going around.?
I have the flu and im getting over it by
taking antibotics that the doctor persribe me.
I passed it on to everybody else
in my house .Well is it possible If
I can get the flu ...

 My dog just bit me. What should i do?
I was petting my dog (chihuahua), and out of no where it bit my cheek. It didn't hurt. It just felt kind of tingling/numb feeling. I went to look at it in the mirror, and it was super red/ ...

 cant i take theraflu ...and ampicilina for fever and cold ...?
my douther have 13 years ...rigth now have ,,,fever and body ache .....she take ibiprofeno ...my question is ...posible take ampicilina nad theraflu and the same day and time .......

 How does salmonella grow in eggs?
I need to know for my exam on Monday!
But I'm not sure how it happens...
Please please help!
Thanks so much!...

Fransico Acosta
should i run to the docture raw meat juice splalsh in my eye?
i wear contacts and i was waiting for a peace of beef to defrost in some water and when i when to pour the Water out it slipped of my hand and the raw meat juice splashed in my eye( water mixed with beef blood)..
im scared do you think i should run to the Doctor. because keep thinking about parasites swimming around in my eye ball and brain.

What Lyzgirl said. You'll be fine.

No, you will be fine.... just flush it out with water or saline solution.

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