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is advil for stomach flu as well?
okay, so yesterday when i woke up i had a major stomach ache.
i went to eat and then took some antacids(2 tablets).
after a while i threw up. but i only threw up the antacids and not the food i ate(pancake and egg).
around one pm, i threw up the food i ate. anyways, then after i threw up it was still hurting so bad, my mom gave me some rice soup or w/e. then i threw it up right away..wasn'tlt better after .. my stomach was stable.. but that night my mom gave me advil cause i had fever. the theory was i have gastroentritis or stomach flu. but i was never able to see adoctor up to today. and now the pain went to my lower abdomen, my mom thinks i may have UTI.. but we're not sure cause my stomach still hurts from time to time and i realse gas from time to time as well. no symtoms of UTI is occuring other than that pain.. is this still stomach flu ? and why is advil working for stomach flu?
oh i forgot to mention that the day before i ate some rice that's barely cooked.. well it was almost cooked and i didn't know it wasnt fully cooked.

Allison T
uncooked rice shouldn't cause you to have abdominal pain. Advil tends to increase nausea, so I would do Tylenol. If you are under 19 DO NOT TAKE ASPRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as for the UTI- do you have to pee all the time, but nothing comes out? Does it hurt to pee?

Try the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Drink 1 tablespoon of room temp. water at a time. nothing cold or too sugary.

First you might want to try some grape juice( not grape drink)
I know that if every thing else fails you can keep it down. No ice just cold grape juice.
After about 12 hours take some lactic acid pills, the one you take for dairy intolerance . This will replace all the good bacteria that the virus kill off or you threw up.
And sleep ,lots of sleep. As for the advil , it is the best ting for a fever.
the grape juice will give you vitamin c and carbs that the fever and trowing up burnt off.
Change your pillow case and wash your hands and face often so you don't get others sick.

Advil won't control a stomach flu. Take Pepto Bismol. It is a good remedy. Eating chicken soup, & drinking a tea made with ginger might help. The rice is not likely the culprit. It's something else you ate, maybe peanut butter? Salmonella poisoning is serious. If you think it might be that, go to the doctor for sure.

Sounds to me like you might have a case of food poisioning, Advil does not to help your stomach. It will reduce your pain and fever temporarily. You need to continue drinking water if you are keeping fluid down. If pain persists or you continue throwing up, see doctor or go to emergency room.
Eating raw or undercooked eggs can lead to samonella

you probably picked up an intestinal virus. It will run it's course, soon you will start having diarrhea. You can get over it quicker if you start eating yogurt three times a day. And drink at least two quarts of water a day or the diarrhea will dehydrate you.

pizza is good
take some pepto bismol
it works for stomach cases better than advil

likn my life
I don't think it's the rice.

Do you have a fever? Advil is for muscle pain relief and fever reduction. However, advil can be really hard on a tummy. So, in your situation I think you should take Tylenol instead if you have muscle aches and fever. If you have a fever and all of this last another day you may want to head to the ER to be checked for appendicitis.

Nothing gets rid of the stomach flu.. you have to wait it out just make sure you drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated..if you get hungry eat some plain toast or crackers

Dolly Llama
It is for pain relief, but it might help.

I have the stomach flu as we speak please don't take advil or aleve as it will upset your stomach.Drink ginger-ale and stick with Tylenol as it will not affect your stomach,

HollyMarie .
youll throw it up!!!!!! so no

Advil is just a brand name for Ibuprofen which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. It's not for stomach aches. In fact people with colitis, crohns disease and inflammatory bowel disease should avoid this type of medication as it can exacerbate conditions in the stomach and bowel.

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