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is a fever of 101.8 high? and what do i have ?
i have a severe headache ,coughing , sneezing , dizziness i feel really weak and fatigued

common head flu. drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest!

101.8 Oh yeah you are Toast!!! Try having someone get you a cold medication that is specific to the kind of cough you have and to calm the sneezing. It will make you more comfortable. If you can not get it to drop tonight after taking Ibuprofen and it spikes please see a doctor. ASAP Drink lots of juices even if you need to dilute them with water to get them down. Fevers can dehydrate you quickly.

try drinking hot soup with honey.. or if u dont like that option... cuz hun.. u r sick !! u need antibiotics... i read medicine books.. cuz i wanna study med... and u have the symptoms.... the best treat method is the natural way.. u know spicy food.. hot drinks or soup .. to get all the sickness down from ur nose onto a klinex or u might call fine or tissues!! :) and also to clear ur throat and give u right energy to start get better..and improve...

yes the normal temp should be like 98 or somethin i would go to the doctor

jaker _n
Omg i have the same thing but mine isn't 101.8/ i ue to have the same but not anymoremine was 101.9 =0 it was terablle even so i was so scared of what was goin to happen so i went to the doctors and they said i was ellergic to spring! i was like are you kidding me! but it was. it happened at april last year =(

its posssible u have the flu. checking out that website the other answerer suggested would be smart or see a doctor sometime soon.

you have the flu or REALLY bad cold/allergies. but most likely the flu.. the average temperature for a human is 94-96 degrees Farenheight. So yeah, your sick. Rest up. Get sleep. Keep Hydrated!!!

101.8 is not too high. You probably have the flu. Take ibuprofen, stay hydrated and stay in bed.

Maybe you have a cold. A fever of 101.8 is not extremely high, but it's high. I would go to a walk in clinic and make sure it's nothing else. Good luck

sounds like the flu or a bad cold. Take some aspirin to reduce your temp and put something cool on your forehead. drink lots of fluids and rest up. you have a fairly high fever, if it goes over 103 then contact the doc.

Joe D
That fever isn't too high, but if it gets higher than 103 go see a doctor. You probably have some kind of virus, maybe the flu.

Its not super high, but high enough that you should take care of yourself. Fevers indicate an infection. Go to the doctor to get some antibiotics. I hope you feel better.

the fever is high and you probably have a cold. i usually feel like that when i have one. just take some tylenol and rest up and you should be fine i hope you feel better soon :)


not very high. medium fever just take some fever reducer. well, youre ill alright. i say you should go to sleep early after eating a well balanced dinner and stay home from work/school until you feel well. good luck

most likely the flu

a cold. a fever is anything about 98.9

jesus g
u got aids n u r hiv positive

you have the flu...and 101.8 is slightly high. take some motrin and lay down. drink something cool.


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