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 please help me antibiotic question!!!!!!?
I took keflex for strep and it was resistant. I want to take another cephalesporin, because I'm allergic to bactrim, penicillin - have bad stomach problems to zithromycin, biaxin, (probably ...

 flu like symptoms for six weeks?
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 I have a really really sore throat, what can I do?
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 do i have swine flu ?
i am tired and have a T...

 my girlfriend has a virus, what can she eat?
she throws up once every hour or so, i tell her she gotta eat something but she wont eat the chicken noodle soup i made her. is there something better i should tell her to eat? crackers and 7up?...

 making me feel so ill and sick ?
I have a stinking and burning feeling , when passing urine . I am on and off the loo all the while and only weeing a trickle. Also there is slight blood when i wipe myself, i feel quite unwell sickly ...

 What domestic remedies are for the flu and the cough and that his ingredients could be in Russia?
Thank you to help me!, I need it for my russian friend!...

 antibiotics after flu jab?
Hi guys ok im 19 and a half weeks pregnant my fiance has had a bad throat infection for 3 days his now on meds to sort it. Yesterday i had the flu/swine flu jab. I felt absolutely fine and the nurse ...

 will i catch this!? help me !!!!?
okay well my best friend john and i do everything together. and in school we walk to our classes together and he hugs me like 5 times a day. no were not dating so we dont kiss. i sit with him at ...

 What can happen if you inhale antibacterial soap through nose?
I was washing my hands put some on my nose and had to kinda snort,i'm sick.I worried i inhaled some through my nose.What can happen?...

 I have a horrible sore throat, aches chills and a fever of 100?
i have a play tonight can i still go to it?
also what sickness do i ...

 I'm 99.9% sure I have a uti... Help?
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 Swine flu vaccination?
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 How to kill candida without money?
I have little money and I can not afford to buy
products to kill the candida and extract
grapefruit, coconut, undecelenic acid, etc. Can you kill
candida without these products? B...

 is orange juice good for you when you have the flu?

 Can you cure tonsillitis without getting your tonsils removed?
Im pretty sure i have tonsillitis. My left tonsil is very sore with big white chunks. I've done research and i've been doing everything i can to get rid of it, but i might need to get my ...

 could I have liver problems?
recently my eyes have been very yellow and i have had severe muscle and joint pains. also, my urine has a foggy look to it. Is it possible that I could have liver problems?...

 Will I get HIV or some other disease? I'm very scared!?
Here's my story. A few days ago I went to my class room, then I sat down to do some work. After, maybe 20 minutes I saw dry blood, I was very disgusted since before I noticed, I touched it. T...

doesnt care :P
how do u know if u got food poisoning?
i hate to say this but i feel like i got food poisoning i have diarrhea and i dont feel good can u tell me how u know if u got food poisoning?

you most likely got it, go see a doctor

Food poisoning is from ingesting something..
..many of us will only eat what we ourselves prepare..
Not Feeling Good..can be a case of the Flu..
Food poisoning might resemble the Flu..
Both have pain associated with the illness..
The Flu--carries a slight fever..or a severe fever may develop..
What did you eat..?

More than likely, you only have norovirus (''stomach virus'') in which case, will cease in about 24 hours or so.

If you have SEVERE stomach pain, it's potentially salmonella, or ecoli or etc. and that illness usually runs its course for a week, less if you get antibiotics.

Sip water and relax.

tips on prevention of noro

The only way to catch Norovirus is if you ingest the contaminated fecal/vomit particles via mouth/nose [eyes have been ruled out by a microbiologist] it is not an airborne illness [unless you are standing next to a vomiting person and ingest the aersolized vomit particles]

In order to become infected, one must ingest the contaminated particles.The viral particles then travel down and latch on to the intestines [noting to do with the stomach], multiplying.It takes about 2-3 days before symptoms appear, in obviously a horrid way.Illness usually lasts about 7- 24 hours although it can last as long as 36-48 hours [usually in immune suppressed individuals]

The individual IS still contaminated and can shed the virus for up to three weeks.

This is where personal hygiene comes ino play.It is VERY important to keep your hands washed after being ill or going to the bathroom.15 - 17 second hand washes with warm soapy water will wash the viral germies away.Be sure to was hands before touching your face, especially your moth and food.Cross contamination is VERY easy since this virus is so contagious and takes fewer viral particles than bacterial particles to get sick.

Clean up should include BLEACH ONLY.Lysol and other cleaners will NOT kill this virus.Alcohol will also not kill it so hand sanitizers will do nothing.

It's a good idea to keep a bottle of bleach water around the office/workplace/home to sanitize surface areas and keep everyone healthy and happy.

Vomitting , Diahrrea, Stomach Pains.
Usually it is Fierce.

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