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can you lose your hearing from an ear infection?
i would like to know if you wait to go get help from the doctor when you have an ear infection will you lose your hearing? because i am going to be going to the doctor for an ear infection but i want to know how long it could wait the most days it would take before i can go is four so i want to know if it would have some permanent damage to my ear any help will be appreciated.

its a 50-50 chance.

Sometimes if its really bad.

yeah you can

Good Day Joshua,

You have identified the problem. You have an ear infection. Bacteria multiply really fast in the ear because they get moisture, nutrition (blood) and warmth. They will eat into your ear tissues. Once a tissue is eaten it does not grow again. It is replaced by fibrous tissues.

If the infection is allowed to progress it will spread into the middle ear and then to the meninges of the brain. You brain is very close to your middle and inner ears.

If you seek treatment immediately the infection will be small and an ear antibiotic may do. This will not cost you much.

As the infection spreads the complications will be more. Treatment more intensive and more costly. In the worst case scenario you may have meningitis followed by septicaemia and death.

Conclusion: Seek treatment as soon as possible. The final choice is yours. I know you did not want to hear this. Sorry.

i think if i am recalling correctly that u can lose ur hearing by having an infection inside it to long. sounds serious hope ii helped

if it's not cured right away with the right antibiotics , then yes you can

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