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 why do people think that germs don't cause disease?
I read somewhere that people think germs don't cause illness, why do they think this? If your going to say studies have shown that germs don't cause disease please say which ones. Thanks. ED...

 What are the chance's I have mono if my bf does?
He found out yesturday he has mono and before we knew what was making him feel bad we were still kissing/making out what are the chances I have it to? I'm supposed to be going to the ...

 do low t cell counts mean u have hiv?

 Long shot but I need to ask.?
My mom is in the hospital she can Not move her right side of her body. She has trouble talking and remembering logic. Her heart rate is between 30-40 but her blood pressure is fine. Is there anything ...

 How can we stop africa's HIV epidemic?
It seems so out of control. How can we stop it?...

 How scared are you about Swine Flu?
Because after I AM LEGEND, im pretty scared....

 Do you think that I had swine flu?
I was sick for three weeks. I had a really bad cough,fever,headaches,sorethroat,and I threw up.Everyone in my family got it. My grandmother is still really sick.Do you think thats what I had?...

 I have a sore throat and is it ok to drink this for it?
Hi i had a sore throat since i woke up this morning and i'm thinking of asking my parents to take me to that gas station BP(right by my house takes 1 minute to get there) and I'm going to ...

 alcohol poisoning???????????
i was drinking alcohol last night and ever since i woke up i been throwing up. Like i have gone back to sleep then wake up and throw up again,and on again. i havent been able to keep any food down or ...

 does this sound like lice to you?
for several weeks my bf's head has been itching, he has skin problems and he also has dandruff so we thought nothing of it. but he was complaining of pain in an area on his head when i looked at ...

 help me to understand this hipaa situation?
can a doctor leaving a practice have access to a list of patients to notify prior to leaving?...

 Should I get the flu shot?
I have the option of getting the flu shot tomorrow. However, my brother has the flu and I know the onset of flu symptoms doesn't begin until 1-4 days later. Should I get the shot tomorrow even ...

 How can you deal with the symptoms of a cold?
I know it's a virus, and therefore can't have an instant cure. But my eyes are watering, one nostril is totally cut off the other is going the same way, yet both are somehow running like ...


 Is it too risky to go to the party if I just got surgery?
Two days ago, I got surgery to remove a lesion next to my eye. There are little black stitches. The party is tomorrow and I was wondering if I should go or not. Is it likely that it may get infected?...

 If someone has a phobia, like a germ phobia,is it their fault or decision?
Thats what I thought! My moms bf told me that Howie, who has germ phobia, is a freak. I said thats mean, and he said he chose it, it was his decision....

 I have a stomach ulcer. What foods should I not eat.?
Last night I had baked chicken/skin on with cream of chicken soup and vegetables. I started to have severe pain. Are there foods that I should not eat sense I have a stomach ulcer....


 6 yr old has thrown up 2 nights in a row, no fever, does not seem to be sick the next day. i don't get it.?
she will do this not everyday, but once in a while she will throw up and never seems to be sick afterwards....

 i want suffer from fever?
the reason is that my collage will start....

can you get stomach flu from being around the sick person?
like at school if there sitting in class with you even thanxx..but thats just great i was wondering cause im going on vacation really soon nd i think ii might be getting it nd i would really not like to be sick for it

Yes, the same thing is going on with me right now. Yesterday I was in a class and was sitting next o girl who was sick and now I am stuffed up, sneezing, watery eyes, and can barely move. I feel like someone shot me right in my defense system. After this I will probably be blowing my nose*cough*. I also got a stomach flu from one of my friends 2 years ago, just because I talked to them. My advice is to stay away from them.

yea why not dats why its not good to hang around someone if you know there sick

yeah, its highly contagious

Tenacious J
yea... deff just got it from my best friend while being in her room for 5 minits...

yes, of course. :)

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