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can you drink alcohol with diverticulitis?
I have diverticulitis, can i drink alchol with this conditon

Jessica B
If the diagnosis is determined, you should follow the instructions specific for that diagnosis. For example, if an ulcer causes the pain, you must avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. If it is caused by gallbladder disease, you have to avoid greasy, fatty, and fried foods

From what I know about it, you have to avoid food with seeds, nuts, and deep fried foods. In moderation, you should be ok. Best to check webmd.com for that answer tho.

i wouldn't simply because alcohol thins the blood. it is also a toxin.
when the bowel is inflammed-alcohol can cause the bowel lining to thin and cause bleeding.

the other issue is liver disease. many of those with diverticulitis can have liver disease and alcohol is a danger for those with liver disease.

good luck

You can do whatever you want but will it make it worse, more than likely yes. It is an inflamation of the diverticuli which are pockets in the intestine and many things can aggrivate the condition. Diet, lifestyle, smoking and stress. So, if you want to stay healthy you need to follow the diet the Dr. gave you avoiding coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, seeds, roughage like tomato skins, cornmeal, spicy foods and much more. Your best chance to keep the condition from turning into something worse like diverticulosis or even cancer is to take care of it now and follow the diet. It really is up to you. Probably one glass of wine wouldn't hurt but I feel you are asking permission for more than that. So, the answer is no, don't drink.

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