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 Has anyone been diognosed with swine flu? If yes what's it feel like?

 Is there an online map where I can track the swine flu?

 When getting the flu what comes first, the fever or the body aches?
I've been sick for 3 days now, it progresses day by day. I went to the doctor but she just gave me antibiotics, and im starting to get more nauseated, weak, and more body aches than before. So ...

 what happened to (?hydia?)...the little girl born with HIV?
I think that was her name... She is a black girl who was born with HIV and adopted by a white family... She use to speak at a lot of AIDS awareness events, but i haven't read or seen anything ...

 How can a person catch a cold?
What is the best method for catching colds?
I want to catch a cold for a science experiment, so what is the best way?
It needs to be quick and effective....

 I know 104 is high for babies, but what is considered a high fever in adults?

 Why did my cat start walking around the house with a surgical mask on? He knows he can't get the Swine Flu!?

 So my son tells me today I need to get him a surgical mask cause "all the cool kids have them"?
Seriously my son's school announced that the kids can wear masks to school.
Any other schools doing this because of the swine flu, hoopla?...

 What are your thoughts on the H1N1 Swine flue eventually being related to a zombie-like virus?
Well, ive been doing some research, and apparently I'm not the only one who got thinking and had the thought that there might eventually be related to a zombie like virus, and i was wondering ...

 Do Vaccines create Immunity from disease?
I've read many doctors state on the Internet that vaccines only stimulate part of the immune system (create antibodies) without stimulating the cellular more important part of the immune system (...

 How long can a HIV positive person survive without contracting AIDS? Can they lead a normal life?
If a HIV positive person leads a normal healthy life on the medicine Atripla, what is their survival rate?...

 If you could make up your own disease...?
1. What would it do to people?
2. How is it contracted?
3. Is it contagious? If so, how?
4. What's the cure (if any)
5. What would you call it?...

 How long are you contagious with Tamiflu and Swine Flu?
I started taking Tamiflu for the Swine Flu today. How long will I be contagious? I am a teen....

 swine flu poem please?
i know this is weird but can someone help me with a swine flu poem. please can anyone write one for me ....

 Bright orange blood coming from my vigina. what is wrong with me?

 ALL DOCTORS:Is there anything a person can do that can prevent them from catching this Swine flu?

 Would a cure for HIV be blocked for financial interests?
HIV meds are expensive and good business for pharmaceutical companies. Does this mean that a cure for HIV would not be convenient for this type of organizations?...

 Is the Swine Flu deadly?
I mean can it kill you if you catch it?

I am really nervous because somebody at my school caught it and I don't want to get it.

Can you tell me the best things to do and ...

 is it bad for a nurse to call safe harbor?
how bad does the situation have to be to use it and are there any consequences to the nurse that is forced to use it....

 What are the symptoms of rabies?
What are the Symptoms of rabies? List the symptoms of ...

Why does soap and hand sanitizer only kill 99.99% of germs, why not 100%?
All the soap and hand sanitizer's I have ever seen say, "Kills 99.99% of germs..." , why not 100%?

its the same thing.

they cant legally say that it kills all germs because there is no way to prove that. until we discover and find how to kill every kind of germ in existence, it will always say 99.99%

Cookie D'oh
germs will never die! NEVER!!

its probably like
but its easier to put 99.99 on the bottle. there is a very very small percent that they just dont know how to kill, but you are very unlikely to come across that small fraction of 1 percent. but if there was one that could kill 100% it would also probably burn through your hand in a painful chemical burning. like dipping your hands in a 100% hydrogen peroxide solution, which would kill a tree, and destroy your hands(you get it very dilouted in the stores)

because the company can get sued if someone gets sick
and also because germs mutate and become immune to soaps n things is what i've heard too

Because you wouldn't need to buy more afterwards if it killed all the germs. That's good marketing strategy.

*end of joke*

It's probably like 100% most of the time, but they can't say it, otherwise they'd get reviewed when it actually isn't. Sorta like birth control since that's also 99.99% effective. It really normally never really happens most likely that a girl gets pregnant while on the pill, but it can.

stan lee
Because it's pretty much impossible to kill every germ; a few will always remain and then they will multiply and grow again.

Good question

it's Miss to you hun!
i d k

I think its so people cant try suing or something like that, I donno

So the company cannot be sued if you still get sick after a nasty bug survives the washing regime.

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