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 do you know anyone who has gotten the swine flu? do you think it's all media?
I'm starting to freak out a little about this swine flu thing. I was just wanting to see if there is as many people getting it as the news is saying or if the media just has it all hyped up ...

 does purell kill the swine virus?
does purell kill the swine virus?...

 how can i convince my friend's mom that i'm not infected?
so, the swine flu outbroke about a week ago in Mexico City. from March 29- April 5, i was in Cancun, Mexico. my friend's mom doesn't want my friend to sleepover at my house this weekend, ...

 Sore throat... what do I have?
I had a pretty chaotic weekend.
now my throat hurts... It didn't hurt yesterday... or early morning... it feels worse than it did a few hours ago

it especially hurts when I ...

 Do antibiotics make you crazy?
My freind says that Antibiotics are making her crazy is tht even possible??...

 Do I have appendicitis?
I have a really bad pain on my LEFT (not right) side of my body. It feels like a muscle or something in the inside. It's not cramps. I don't have a fever, but I've been feeling sick ...

 do i have the swine flu?
they said its like a cold im soo out of it rite now..a couple of kids in my high school caught it and now i have a cold...i dont feel good my throat hurts im losing my voice my nose stuffed i have a ...

 Why do people think Swine Flu is man made?
it's been round since the 1930's - in pigs and after speaking to a vet who is not surprised it has spread human to human - pigs are the closet animal to having a human like immune system ...

 what is the real cause of HIV/AIDS?

 Im starting to catch a cold, got itchy throat. what can i do to attack it quick and knock it out?

 Does rubbing the inside of you nose with a warm qtip help prevent the swine flu?

 Can garlic help prevent the swine flu?
if not, what can? :)...

 should i go to the ER,or would it be a waste of time?
I have had a horrible cough that doesnt stop for a week now. I cough so much that im coughing up mucus in large quantities. I have also been running a bad fever for three days. should i go to the ER ...

 What causes cold sores?
I've never had cold sores before. What causes them to break out?...

 Swine Influenza? Calm the eff down!?
Why is everybody freaking out over this? Hmm? I think you should all just shut your mouths because it's not going to kill you. Calm down already....

 Possibility of HIV Spread like this ?
Is there any possibility of spread of HIV , if blood of an infected person goes into a healthy person through mouth

Generally it is seen that roadside vendors (in fact many good ...

 how do you no if you got a yest infection?
yea well i dnt wanan try to gross any one out but how do u no if you got one ? i am a 16 yr old girl and i dont no ? and i live wit my dad and dont no my mom so no one to ask?
i asked my friend ...

 are you afraid of swine flu?
ok ever since my mom passed 3 years ago she told be like a week b4 to always wash your hands and you wont get sick. because i am terrified of puking. its been working and haven't been like sick ...

 What places are you most likely to catch Athlete's foot and how can you prevent getting it?

 What does stool mean?
Some one told me s long as your sons stool doesnt hurt?...

Why can't antibiotics cure viral infections?

because antibiotics aren't meant to cure, they are meant to make your body adapt to the infection until it goes away

Hannah M
Antibiotics are completely ineffective on viruses, because antibiotics are formulated to kill bacteria, and viruses are not the same thing. Antibiotics can work two ways, either not letting the existing cells reproduce, and the body kills off the ones that are there, or they kill them directly. One of the problems with trying this on viruses is that viruses are not 'alive' as we would think of things. They need to invade a host cell to reproduce and do their dirty work. And antibiotics aren't programmed to destroy your body's cells. The only way to get rid of a virus is with anti-viral medicines they have been working on, or just live through it, or prevent it through vaccinations, because your body will become immune to a virus once it has gone through it once. Hope this helps!

Antibiotics attach only bacterial infections, and bacteria are different types of germs as opposed to viruses. Antibiotics can penetrate the outer covering of the bacteria, where as antivirals must be viral specific as in viruses have tough and different types of capsules covering the internal bodies. Viruses are much more difficult to treat. Though antibiotics have varying classes as in cephalosporins, cillins, can be 2nd and 3rd generations of class so to speak. Each treatment whether bacterial of viral attacks a different part of the organism.

First you have to age a little, go to junior high school, and learn about it in science class. :)

Bobby G
Because antibiotics kill bacteria, not a virus. A virus is much smaller in size and does not react to antibiotics the way that bacteria do. The only thing that kills a virus are antivirals. Usually, an animal or person develops the antibodies to kill a virus. These antibodies sometimes, can be duplicated in a laboratory. You inject the antibodies into the infected person, and the antibodies will kill the virus. The problem also, is that a virus will tend to morph or change it's structure, and the original antibodies will not kill the newly developed virus.

Because viruses are not alive (they are like machines). Antibiotics kill living bacteria (by various mechanisms like punching holes in the bacterial cell wall membrane or preventing dna replication).

for symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Swine flu:

Confused Guy
antibiotics kill bacteria
hence the name
viruses are not bacteria
'nough said

Chris H
Because bacteria and viruses are very different.

Bacteria are single celled organisms with their own cellular machinery. Treatments for bacteria involve breaking their cell membranes or stopping their machinery.

Viruses are packets of genetic information that hijack your own cells to use their cellular machinery to make more viruses. Treatment involves keeping the viruses from entering cells in the first place, since it is generally impossible to stop viral production once it is inside a cell.

Different organisms, different treatments.

Because biotics is the study of bacteria exposure and ANTI is protecting you from the exposure...

YOU don't give someone who has a virus antibiotics, it could make it worse!

Because bacteria and virus organisms are very different. BUT with that said, I have always found that antibiotics did indeed help me get over every case of the flu I've ever had. I think they should give anti virals to kill the virus, and antibiotics to knock down post viral infections.

Because "anti-biotic" means that it fights bacteria. A virus is not a bacterium, its a virus.

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