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Whats the difference between bacteria, parasites and viruses?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that may or may not cause harm to the body. Parasites are animals who benefit from the host which suffers because of it. Viruses are non-living particles that are made up of a protein covering (capsid) and DNA or RNA

hi! il give you the simpliest example of each so you will understand the difference between the three....BACTERIA (germs) food might be contaminated with bacteria so you will experience stomach upset etc..PARASITES example are worms in our stomach like the hook worm, tip worm etc...VIRUSES is contagious like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis A or B etc... hmmmm did you get me? best wishes to you!

Parasite co exist on/in the human/animal body. Parasistes are things like intestial worms etc

Bacteria are are found every where, in food in and on our body. Some are good and some bad, good bacteria is found in yoghurt.

Viruses are microspoic, and infect the cells of the body, and can make us very sick

Bacteria are a single vegetable cell. Parasites are animals either single cell of multicell orangisms like worms. Viruses are a crystal mosaic form not exactly either plant or animal.

Bacteria are single celled organisms that can cause infections.
Parasites live off other living host.
viruses consist of single strand of DNA or RNA that live off of a living host.

Bacteria are single cell microscopic organisms & are everywhere
Parasites are a organisms that feed off others for their own benefit. Viruses are a microscopic particles that can infect the cells of a biological organism.

Basically they can all make you sick in one way or another. The main difference is that bacteria and viruses are not considered true life forms while parasites are.

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