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What would cause an antibiotic to not be working on strep throat?
I went to a doctor who wrote a prescription for Amoxicillin 500mg, taken every 8 hours 3 times per day for 10 days. I've got probably 3 days left and my throat still freaking hurts and doesn't seem to be showing signs of getting better. She didn't do a strep test because I do not have any insurance and she said she would "give me an antibiotic either way, whether she did the strep test or not". She looked in my ears and at least one was pre-infection and red inside, I've been getting glue-like phlegm that is yellow/greenish in the back of my throat and it hurts and has patches. I'm pretty sure I have strep throat. I do work in an airport and have had it 5 times over a period of a year and a half, previously. I didn't get it before I started working in the world's busiest airport...300K people a day come through coughing everywhere and spreading germs. I'm looking for another job, but have been having trouble finding one to get out of the airport. A nurse told me that I should see about getting my tonsils out because it's not good to get it that many times in such a short time - but I think mainly it's the airport environment. It's full of dust and germs, and workers get sick there all of the time. My antibiotics do not seem to be working. When she wrote it, she said that generic antibiotics do not work that well because they're "kind of cheap" but that we would give it a try. It doesn't seem to be working well. Would I be able to call and have her get me the direct Penicillin or whatever the 'brand name' supposedly better meds are?

Matthew Hannon
You just wasted your money. Due to the fact that it is not responding to the antibiotics it is likely that your sore throat is caused by a virus. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses and will not help you. You should have taken the strep test, this would have shown that it was not strep and antibiotics would be useless. It is very unlikely that your sore throat is caused by a resistant strain because for some reason strep bacteria (Streptococcus pyogenes) do not often become resistant to antibiotics.

In most cases, generics work as well as name brands and both are often manufactured by the same company. Amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic. If amox isnt working there's no reason to think that pen will. "Would I be able to call and have her get me the direct Penicillin or whatever the 'brand name' supposedly better meds are?" -- I can't answer this and no one here can. Try it and find out. I can tell you that the antibiotics used to treat a Strep throat infection are pen VK or pen VK (penicillin with potassium), amoxicillin, Augmentin (amoxicillin-clavulanate) (these are all penicillins), azithromycin (a macrolide antibiotic) and the cepaholsporins: cephalexin (Keflex), cephadroxil (Duricef, Cefa, Ultracef), cefuroxime (Ceftin) and cefdinir (Omnicef). I suppose it's possible that you have a penicillin-resistant organism in which case it would be prudent to use an antibiotic from another class.

If your sore throat is caused by a virus, then antibiotics will not work on it. It can take awhile for a viral sore throat to clear up, but it does heal on its own. Your doctor actually shouldn't have given you a prescription without doing a strep test because you don't want to be taking antibiotics if you don't need them.

She is right, it is not healthy to have it that often. I kept getting it, no medicine would help, turns out I was carrying Strep, Took my Tonsils out and have had no problems since. You should call your doctor and try to discuss the best medicine and maybe relatives could try and help pay. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck finding another job as well.

Anna E
I would go back to the doctor. First of all, generic antibiotics work as well as the name brands. I do know that if you have mono, you can have strep like symptoms, but penicillin will not work on the throat issues. Have someone take a flash light and look in the back of your throat. If you have purpleish looking patches in your throat, you have mono.

Narorjod Adnaonda
I have had tonsil infection from 1 year. no medicine could heal it. if you have a job like that then your out of luck but get plenty of sleep and fluids.and see if the throat pain goes away. juices (unsweetened) Soups, avoid greasy foods.

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