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 Sore throat? 10 pts! Please!?
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 I am so scared of getting stomach flu even though i just got it 3 weeks ago.?
I don't know what to do anymore i am getting a therapist but i want more answers please this is urgent!...

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 how do you bring a fever down fast?

 I have a cold and I want to get over it asap, whats the fastest way? I dont want to get baby sick?

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 Sore throat for the 2nd time this month? Please read?
Okay so I posted this again because last time I got no answers. here's my situation.

I got a sore throat on December 14, 2010 and it lasted a whole 3 weeks. I took and finished the ...

 diahhrea in a 2 yr old?
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 i need help to identify what sickness I have?
this morning i woke up with a sore throat and decided to not go to school, then i stayed in bed till 9:30 am, then i woke up and had a minor headache, then i ate and took a 2 hour nap, when i woke up,...

 What is this sicknes?
I don't feel like making an unnecessary trip to the ER if its just a virus or something...But if anyone knows whats going on with me by the symptoms please enlighten me about it so I know..Its ...

 What does active Hepatitis C mean?

 I just had the stomach Flu for about 3 days and now i think it has gone away. But i'm constantly thirsty now.?

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 White blood cell count?
I went for regular health check and my doc did a CBC and found i have low white blood cell count 4.3 ( std range 4.5 -11). RBC-normal, Hemoglobin normal, PLATELET COUNT--normal. My doc asked me to ...

 what are the long term effects of Dicetel? (for IBS)?
I've been dealing with terrible IBS like sypmtoms for a year and 3 months it all stems from taking an antbiotic for 3 days in october 2009 for a bladder infection. It's only been since ...

 is staphylococcus aureaus a bacterial infection?

What is the best thing to drink besides water when you are sick with the stomach flu?
I am sick with the flu and im gettin sick of drinking just water its gotten to the point i gag when i drink it so i was wondering what else i can drink that is good for me that wont be hard on my stomach and that tastes better then water?


drink mostly water but you could add in a few electrolyte beverages.

if your water is bad you can get a cheep filter like britta or pur, they help make most tap water much more palatable.

7 up, OJ, sparkiling water, Ginger ale, gatoraide/ poweraide, sprite and hot tea. Usually earl grey is best for colds with a little honey and lemon. Of course in little sips at a time

Kcharel Vim
Stay hydrated. The most important thing is to drink a lot of fluids and liquids. Avoid milk, juices, and alcohol. Definitely avoid orange juice and other acidic drinks, such as lemonade. Light drinks like 7-up or clear broth are best. Don't chug your drink or drink it too hot or cold either.

Bonnie Gilbert
one home remedy is 7-up (with half the bubbles stirred out) and soda crackers.

I know sugary pop may make health conscious people shudder, but we are talking about comfort and a relaxed stomach while you are sick, not a steady diet of sugary pop.

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