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 What could a one-sided sore throat, a swollen lymph gland on the neck on that same side, and no fever mean?
I woke up with this a few days ago. I never get sore throats so I'm a little perplexed at this. Please help!...

 How to not get sick??
My brother has a stomach virus and I do not want to get it, how can I make sure I don't get it?...

 Can someone give me a list of infectious diseases common among nursing home patients?
I have a project for my nursing class and need to choose an infectious disease. I got the example of MRSA and Shingles, but I can't use those.

Thanks in advance!...

 how are urinary tract infections transmitted?

 How bad is Huntington's Disease?
How bad is Huntington's Disease? Is it as bad as cancer, or is comparing Huntington's Disease to cancer like comparing apples to oranges?...

 do i have an urinary track infection?
ok so i woke up this moring and i had to pee and i peed and went on the computer and then i had to pee like 3 mins later so i did little bit came out. and now i have to pee again soo is this a uti?...

 I have holes on my tonsils?

 Can rec'ing IV and by mouth Vancomycin for over 3 weeks cause VRE?
My husband rec'd IV and by mouth Vancomycin for over 3 weeks and when checked after 3 weeks showed VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus) of gut. He had a bone marrow transplant. Could rec...

 What causes cold hands if the room you are in is not even cold?

 Can cats catch colds? If so what can we give them to help?
I have a male cat about 12 years old. In the last week he's been having sneezing fits about 5-10 in a row. I recently moved from Colorado to Florida. Can the change in climate effect him or can ...

 how to get over a cold?
i woke up this morning with a real bad cough is there anything that will help and i have a sore ...

 Anyone ever taken Bactrim?
It's been 2 days after my dose-already taken 3 tablets. Having a sudden onset of symptoms--
extreme fatigue, heart racing, intense back pain and aching, feel as if I have poor circulation ...

 Been sick(vomiting)want REAL answer!?
I've been sick since Friday, Throwing up. Now today I threw up 8 times, still feel nauseous but I have a craving for French fries.. Is it okay to eat them, or will I just get sick again?

 Body Temp help please answer?
Okay, my body temp feels like it's really high. The last time I took my temp it was 98. I hate feeling like this! My boyfriend will not cuddle with me cause I make him sweat.And it makes me ...

 Do I have a tapeworm?
For about a week now I've been feeling off. I'm usually always on a diet so I've come to know and deal with the hunger feeling, but this is something totally different.
My ...

 What sickness could I have?
This just hit me three days ago. The symptoms include:
-no appetite
-stomach turning
-pounding headache
-an up and down heart rate
-an up and down temperature<...

 Should I go to doctors? ?
I got hit in the head by a basketball and I have the same headache from that ...

 Can a dog overdoes on advil or benedryl?
My yellow lab got into my medicine that I left on the counter... Unfortunately she jumped onto the table spilling the uncapped bottle and I think may have eaten some of the mix of advil and benedryl.....

 What could this be?its painful and i have difficulty urinating.?
to anyone with a medical background.So it started with chills,muscle pain,fatigue and a general sense of illness i though it was jus the flu then i started experiencing difficulty urinating.i then ...

 Will going for a run make my cold worse and last longer?
I've felt terrible for the last couple of days but sitting around the house doing nothing is making me feel worse. If I go for a run will this actually make the virus worse, help by boosting my ...

What happens if you don't treat a bladder infection?
I went to my doctor complaining of severe pain on my right side, he said that I'd have to give a urine analysis to be sure it wasn't kidney stones or a bladder infection (I had no burning with my urination or any of the usual symptoms) and I had no blood in my urine either.

But I didn't get a chance to get the test done, the clinic I go to do testing like this is so short staffed I never know when its open and I feel extremely uncomfortable going to a new clinic for a test. The pain lasted for about 2 weeks (non-opiate pain relievers were prescribed) and then it suddenly went away.

I haven't noticed any other symptoms, its almost like it vanished.

Is there anything that might happen to me now? It's been about 1 1/2- 2 1/2 weeks since the pain went away and I'm feeling fine.

Untreated bladder infections/UTI can spread and cause kidney damage and other serious problems. The only way to cure a UTI is to take a full course of antibiotics exactly as prescribed. The infection will not go away by itself. If your symptoms were caused by a UTI in the first place, the fact that the symptoms have disappeared does not mean that the infection is gone. You need to see a doctor to find out for sure if you do have a UTI (or if not a UTI, exactly what did cause the symptoms), and to get appropriate treatment.

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