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 How to easily get a fever overnight?
Just ...

 Can u still be lighted & dizzy after having a courtizone shots in my back on wednesday i was put under for 15-?

 wats the difference between a sinus infection and a cold?
i have alot of green mucuous but no ...

 I don't hear with my right ear very well,like im in water. What should i do? What's happening?
Do i have ear infection or something? How long will it last? Is it serious? Tell me about it....

 Is it true that a persons body temperature has a high and a low temperature every day?

 Is it ok to miss a dose of biaxin to drink alcohol for one night?
Tonight is a friends birthday party and we all want to have some drinks, probably 4 loko or joose and some vodka. I am on biaxin and i took my dose in the morning but I dont think its a good idea to ...

 Should Amox 875 twice a day being helping after 5 days?
I recently went to my PCP with ear pain. He told me it looked like I burned the back sides of my mouth. He put me on Amox 875 twice a day. I feel OK but when I look in my mouth with a flashlight, ...

 i feel dehydrated, and have cotton mouth with tight muscles?
my muscles on my legs are spazing,, they are very tight all the time like they have no fluid in them, i pee like a freight train. what ever i drink comes out faster then i can put it in..ive tried to ...

 What does an elevated ALT mean?
What does an elevated ALT test mean?...

 What kind of sickness do I have?
I am dizzy, a soar throat, a terrible taste in my mouth, a stuffy nose, a headache, and I cannot stand for very long....

 Spitting out mucus. How to stop?!?
I'm 15, and starting to recover from a sore throat but i'm now starting to cough more and constantly spit out mucus. Does anyone know how to stop this? How long will it be before it stops? D...

 can ice cream catch on fire?

 Is it safe to go back to work with mono?
My doctor diagnosed me with mono and strep throat on December 4th 2010. He told me to return to work on December 6th 2010. I took it upon myself to not return to work until the 16th because i was ...

 Did I give my first kiss mono/?
If I was diagnosed with mono in third grade and I had my first kiss in 7th grade, does that mean he has mono now? Even if I felt perfectly fine with no symptoms?...

 Help a weird rash on my pup (inside pup)!?
we got a pit pup about a month and a half ago! just this week my pup started to itch and i figured it might be fleas but she is itching so much on her face tht she will break the skin open and no all ...

 What can i do for my shih tzu respitory infection?

 ive been really sick for the past 3 weeks, and right now i have a 100.8 fever?
when i first got sick 3 weeks ago, my body was really sore and then 2 days later, it turned into the stomach flu. the doctor said i just need rest and ill be fine. well rested, and then i ended up ...

 Case of a stomach flu?
My best friend was nauseated and dizzy on a Monday but didn't go to school the next day..that tuesday NIGHT, i started feeling dizzy and nauseated too...it's friday now and I'm still ...

 my legs aches at night?
the backs of my legs ...

 do all impetigo end up as wounds?
i have an impetigo on my lip. i had this before and it ended up as a wound. now, i'm putting an ointment on it. will it still end up as a wound?...

What are the names of over the counter medication for a urian infection?

There are no over the counter medications which will treat a urinary tract INFECTION. They only treat the burning and the names of these are Azo or Uristat. You need to go to your family doctor or a walk-in clinic and get an antibiotic to get this treated. And, you need to be drinking lots and lots of water which will decrease the amount of burning that your have. Go to WebMd.com and type in urinary tract infection and read up on what you should be doing to care for yourself with this condition.

If u want to treat it with out going to the doctor. drink pleanty of cranberry juice and maybe one beer. and you can buy otc medication called azo at any store. be warned it will change the color of your pee. and that will help you get rid of it. and amozacllin will not get rid of it if you go the doctor. you need macrobid.

Rene mit

Id go to the doctors.. Get some proper antibiotics i suffer from them few times but i really would recommend going to the docs just because you state urine infection. Get some proper medication.. Have a lovely christmas

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