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 Can you get HIV through drinking water?
I drank some water from a girl's water bottle at a New Year's Eve party. I dunno if one of the guys was joking around, but someone said she had HIV. I know the chances through saliva are ...

 Anyone know anything about molluscum contagiosum?
I was told my 2 year old has this. I have done some research but i find some many thing that so do this and than another that says not do it. If someone has or is dealing with this can u please help ...

 I'm sick all the time.?
I had pneumonia in Nov. 2009. (Actually swine that turned into bronchitis that turned into pneumonia) And now I catch everything, I just got over an insanely bad case of strep about 2 weeks ago and ...

 Minor sore throat, chills, aches, but no fever? What is it?
I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Later today I was freezing and shaking. I have no fever, what's wrong with me?...

 what type of flu do i have?
i hurt all over, have an on again off again fever,runny/stopped up nose,cough. i had this 3 months ago and it lasted about 2 days. this time seems a little worse though. any idea what its called?...

 What was the treatment for Tuberculosis back then?
What is the treatment for now?

For example, back then people use leeches to treat Whooping Cough but nowadays it is treated for Antibiotics.

Well, what was the case for TB (T...

 Did I have swine flu ?
Still getting other something now slight sore throat and achey muscles, for thenpastbtwonweeksnive had a on going bad cough and I had been in be with the chills and it was horrible, I still feel off ...

 Why are you no longer contagious after taking antibiotics for 24 hours?
Even if you still have a week's worth left to take and feel sick, why do doctors say you won't be contagious anymore after 24 hours? Why wouldn't you be?...

 what is the best medicine for fever in a 2 year old kid?

 can you take antibiotics 10 hours in between eachother?
i took it at 10 this morning and i have to take it at 8 tonight so i can take it at 8 tomorrow morning before school.

im on amoxicillin 875 ...

 Should I be eating when i have a fever?
Each time I have tried to eat just a couple minutes later I throw up. I have no appetite and the doctor said I have Bronchitis and I have been drinking lots of Ginger ale, Sprite, and Gatorade....

 How long does a stomach virus last?

 What disease(s) is this?
My friend is sick she is complaining of burning in her chest back and throat. While simultaneously suffering from dizziness and fits of nausea while standing. Also when she eats she has intense pain ...

 Stomack flu and black diahrea?
Ive been sick the last two days body aches stomach flu fever black diahrea.i have taken ...

 Hey Doctor or Nurse or HELP!?
I have severe abdominal cramping. It begins to hurt a few hours after I eat. and it does not matter what it is that I eat, happens when eating everything, and lasts as long as 6 to 8 hours. Then the ...

 What is this Clear Bug In Bed!?
I was laying in the bed around night time then when i got out the covers in looked cause i was itching on my leg in foot i saw this clear kind of bug.But A few days ago when i was looking at my bed ...

 why do i only have one runny nostril?
i blow my nose, and then an hour later, one nostril is filled with snot again and the other is always perfectly clear.

is this normal? i find it ...

 Is this worser then a cold?
My mother two days ago came home from work and she looked extremely sick. i asked her if she was okay but she said it was just a cold and went to sleep.

But yesterday i woke up and she ...

 MRSA disclosure and the right to know patient had it?
I took care of someone that had MRSA and was told only to wear gloves, later I found out this person had it once before and was never told. We were not given any information on MRSA and I looked it ...

 Is this a symptom of shingles?
i have this pain on a little part of my side. it hurts when its touched even the lightest touch hurts? it feels little its going to bruise up but its not. is it what i think it might be?...

Thick green/yellow mucus following adenoidectomy & tonsillectomy?
My 2 year old had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Tuesday (we are on day 6 of recovery). She had some congestion following surgery but increased when we got home. It has slowed down but she still sounds kinda snotty and coughs off and on. No fever at all (not even post surgery low-grade)

Is nasal discharge normal and if so for how long? Also what to expect the remaining week of recovery? When will the bad breath go away - it is noxious. Any answers would be great!

Also... do not tell me to talk to her doctor. I just want personal experiences from others. I'm not worried about it - just curious.

Indiana Jones
what have you been giving her to eat? if its ice cream, yogurt, or milk then thats the reason that she is congested and has mucus.
you are NOT supposed to have those types of things after a tonsillectomy for that exact reason.

the bad breath will go away almost immediately after the scabs from the tonsillectomy come off. thats usually around day 8.

and what makes you think she'll need another full week to recover?
she should be feeling pretty much back to nromal by day 10. it may be hard for her to open her mouth wide for another week or so after that just cuz her jaw has been so tight since the surgery but really 10 days is the normal amount of time it takes people to feel better and USUALLY it takes less time for young children to feel better.

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