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Rino Manfroni
Is 100.4 considered fever?

Its Shite Be in Scot ish ;-)
Fever is an elevation in the body's temperature set-point by about 1.4-4.0 °F (if taken orally). (98.6+1.4=100.0 So yes it qualifies as a fever.)

Normal body temperature may vary as much as 1 °F from day to day and especially, in women, during the menstrual cycle. Additionally the bodies temperature is increased after eating due to the bodies processing of food for energy. But it is good to stay aware of your temp, drink lots of water, and take some Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. If the temp gets above (98.6+4.0=102.6 Orally recorded) then seek medical help (especially if the fever is with someone young). Body temperatures as low as 104.0 (in youth) can start to destroy the brains ability to function.


anything above 100 degrees is considered a fever according to NJ health experts. Im not sure about other states, but a fever is a fever no matter where you are.

i would say so (:

uhh ya

yepp it is.


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