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Ok i move into apartment and i was wondering how to clean the shower cuz i dont trust no one and i want to kill ALL the germs in the shower i know i can use bleach is there any powerful stuff that ...

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I am a 24 year old seeming healthy male, I was diagnosed with bronchitis a week ago and was prescribed a z-pack (zithromax). Yesterday I went back to the doctor and he did some blood work and told ...

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I was drinking soda and all of a sudden it felt like it went down wrong. I had terrible pain in my throat and chest when this happened. I have had pnuemonia before and I am cocerned that this may ...

 Does this sound Like Swine flu?
Dehydration Sleepiness Sore Throat in morning No Fever Constipation at ...

 Can a Person be a carrier of Mono?
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 i'm only 19 and i have this little brown discharge. i was having fever, vomiting and diarrhae previously.why?

 How do you get rid of the flu!?!?
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 For lung x-ray tests what will the doctor be able to tell from my results?

 how many pregnant women worldwide have AIDS or HIV?
GOOD reference or anything with stats about pregnant women with AIDS....

 symptoms of telangiectases?

I have been throwing up for 4 days straight what could it be?
Everything I eat or drink I throw up. I went to the ER last night and they just gave me an IV and that was it. I am still throwing up.. I managed to keep down some food but it is taking alot of effort not to throw up. Does anyone know what I should do or what this could be? oh yeah I am still a virgin.

They should have given you a prescription for an anti-nausea medication such as Zofran, Compazine, Phenergan or Reglan. If they did, you should be taking this regularly so that you don't vomit. And, no solid food is important, only fluids and you should be taking frequent sips of either room temperature 7-up, gatorade or water. Eventually, the vomiting should stop. If it continues, you need to get in and see your family doctor tomorrow for a recheck.

I had an intestinal flu and couldn't keep anything down - it exited both ways.. I kept on taking peptobismal until I quit throwing it up. To settle my stomach I took tiny bites of saltines and drank Coca-cola. Eventually it worked. Whatever you try to eat, make it very mild, like bread or clear soup. Soda seems to help for some odd reason. Keep it small and slow. There are alot of reasons. But if ER couldn't tell you, I can't either. Food poisoning? Virus? Intestinal flu? Nervous System malfunction?

You shouldn't have left the ER without some answers. But do you have a fever? If you have a fever you probably just have the flu, just drink as much gatorade as you can to avoid dehydration and get some rest.

Isaac De dood

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