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 What is a pandemic and a epedemic?
What is a pandemic?
What is a epedemic?

What is the difference?...

 Why is influenza a problem?
Please help, I really need to know the answer for this question!...

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 WHy are so many more people dying from flu this year?
Also, what does flu do to the body which causes people to die?...

 Does my child have flu?
My little girl isn't well. Since yesterday morning all she has wanted to do is sleep. When awake she complains of a head ache, sore throat and an aching body. She has also had a temperature of 39...

 What to do if you have stomach virus?
I have a stomach virus (I believe). I have a 4 month old baby and I am alone in taking care of her. Are there any home remedies that will make me feel well enough to get around more? Im spending a ...

 how long do antibiotics take to work ?
I got given a 5 day course of antibiotics by a doctor tuesday night for a kidney infection. Its now friday morning and i dont really feel any better maybe a slight improvement. It it worth me going ...

 The flu jab have you had it?
Hi I am 19 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby..I am wondering if to have the flu jab or not. I have never had it in my life as I am not classed as high risk. I was pregnant 2009 when the swine flu ...

 why are mosquitoes part of a creation if they carry malaria and dengue fever ?

 If my son had a blood test,would that determin wheather he had meningitis or not .?

 how we classify diseases?

 what is the maximum size of tuberculosis?
what is the maximum size of ...

 How can i get rid of my cold sore/how can i get it to heal over?
I have a cold sore but its really weird, when its up its obviously really sensitive but when its healed over you can still see it, basically it looks like a scar on my lip, is it possible to get that ...

 whats the side effects of the flu jab?
What are the side affects afterwards? and i'll be gratefull for some info about it....

 virus causing arthritic symptoms please help?
I have been feeling rundown with headaches and sinus pain for a while. The sinuses improved with antibiotics but I noticed about a week ago that my whole body started hurting and I had a temperature ...

 Do i have swine flu? serious answers please?
I have a cough, blocked nose, tired, very hot, and sore ...

 vaccinated against swine flu a 14 months ago, am I still protected?
or is the current swine flu a different strain?...

 How does bile do these things?
Bile contains bile pigments and cholesterol.
If the diet contains too much cholesterol, some of it may form ‘gallstones’ in the bile.
These gallstones may prevent bile from moving out ...

 i had an infection will that affect me having a baby in the future?
I had an abortion 2 months ago and everything was ok, i started my periods about 6 weeks after and then had a infection. I am really worried about that as the doctor gave me some medicine and said it ...

 swine flu jab side effects?
Just wondering if any other pregnant women are having the same side effects as me? the area on my arm that had the injection is a little swollen, red, sore and itchy. I barely slept as I was in agony ...

Josh Mccahill
I have a whooping sound in my left ear?
Its like a constant pop or whoop whenever I hear a sound.

Its only in my left ear

Should I be worried?

The pop would have to be an infection but the whooping sound im not sure about. Just to be sure, why don't you go see your doctor :)

infection maybe

you poor thing sounds like meniers disease google it and go from there

do u feel that u have a " water clogged" feeling in your ears? is that what u mean?

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