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 Are there any long term effects on the human body from having Mrsa twice? also what about the antibiotic?
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 what is mono? kissing disease?
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 Hepatitis in her gene?
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 Could i have mono?
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 For more than two months i kept spitting over and i want ot kno if its acid reflux if it is im worried HELP!!?
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 Is aids spreads by kissing...?

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 cure for ulcer for free?
any one who can help me cure my ulcer,I'am not working ,and
I spent too much money for nothing .please help me
I can't pay you but god wel.
Thank you and thank you....

 What is a flesh eating disease that's 5 letters and starts w. eb?

How long did it take to get rid of your MRSA infection?

well I have had MRSA 2 times.. 1 time about 4 yrs ago in my ear.. I was hospitalized for almost a week then had to go to a nursing home.. it took about 2 wks or longer. i had to have IV treatments.. then recently last month I found out I had it in my eye.. due to surgery to my eye.. I dang near thought I was blind in that eye.. I have since then gotten over it.. I think that took about 2-3 wks . I must say that it depends on the location of the MRSA and the treatmen used.. and yes I have heard that MRSA is generally transmitted in hospitals.. SO BE CAREFULLY.. good luck

I've never had MRSA, but I used to work in a prison where it was saddly common for the inmates to get it. From my observations, (depending upon where the infection was located, and with no other medical issues) it seemed that most cases were cleared up in about 8 weeks. Now keep in mind this was with daily medical supervision and treatment. The infected were given antibiotics (I don't know what kind), and the sites of the infection were cleaned AT LEAST twice a day. --Good luck.

Try looking up herbal treatments to compliment any conventional treatments, I once read that there has been some success treating MRSA with herbs. (Sorry I can't remember what herbs were used. Try doing a search for articles related to this.)

It is very hard to get rid of. I feel for anyone who has it. It is usually picked up in hospitals. Sorry.

I just read an interesting article about MRSA in our paper today. You might want to read it, because the 17 year old boy it featured never recovered. He died.

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