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 Do you think I have the flu?
For the past couple of days I've been suffering from a sore throat and cold. Today when I woke up I felt fine, but by around 8:30 my stomach started to hurt, but it went away in a few minutes. T...

 could i have just strep?
i know you usually get lymph nodes ( about 2), dirrectly on the back of your neck, about where your top of your ear is in height.. and doctors says thats when you usually have mono, well i was ...

 How do I know if I have a sore throat?
What are some symptoms of a sore throat?...

 Okay. So I'm pretty sure I have Bacterial Vaginosis?
I have this smelly discharge and it isn't going away. I'm almost positive that I match the symptoms. But I'm afraid to get an examination? What should I do? I'm super embarrassed. ...

 If I have a cold is it normal to have no appetite?
I have a really bad cough and headache. Is it normal to also have a small stomache ache, gas, and no appetite? Its almost christmas and i'm hoping its nothing more than a cold....

 how to prevent hypothermia?
i am having this after school test where we have to research the question so if you have an idea that me a 10 year old will understand please tell me i also need help with these questions. what ...

 Is it weird that i only had flu symptoms for one day?
soo, the other dayy (monday night) i was sick. i had a fever of 101.8, i had chills, tired, bad headache, very achey. and the next day, after i took a fever reducer it went back to normal, but i was ...

 how long will this diarrhea last????????
kay well five days ago i ate baked chiken and well i think it was under cooked.. well anyways after that i got the runs really bad its lasted going on four days now i dont have cramping or and ...

 Still sick after taking Antibiotics!?
I had Brohncitis last week - my Dr gave me the Z-Pack and I have finished them, but I still feel very weak and my chest still hurts! I called my dr yesterday and he said that the Z-Pack stays in your ...

 white vinegar for cut infection?
i have a cut in my mouth in which i believe is infected will vinegar help fight the infection i hear its a ...

 how can i get read of tonsil stones?
i always have tonsil stones in my throat and i do not know how to get read of them they come around all the time and when i looked online they said that they only usually come if you have your ...

 Antibiotics not working...?
I was at the humanitarian bowl, and didn't have much of anything protecting me from the cold. The next day my throat was a little sore, and yesterday it was way worse, so I went to the doctor, ...

 I found a yellow round pill with 81 on one side, what is it used for?

 How long do germs last not on human contact?
I think I got a cold (nose feels blocked, feel warm, a lot of mucus in my throat) anyway I sneezed last night on my hand. Then half an hour later touched a DVD cover putting the DVD inside it that I ...

 i just woke up at 4:51 am, because my eyes are seeing dots and things closely... what diease is this?
i can see things dotty & up close and far and i also hear stuff ...

 what should i do if ive had mono for almost 2 years :S contagious wise.?
I had a bf a few months ago, and i gave him mono :/ after about a year of having it :S and I think i still have it is there a way to figure out details of me having it etc other than a blood ...

 How to avoid cold, who can tell me?

 Are there any ways to lessen my chances of getting strep?
My brother has shown symptoms since Saturday, but we just confirmed it for sure today. Before now, I have not really taken any precautions, but I didn't get really close to him (him being a ...

 How did I get green diaria?
I never had it before and it's strange I meant ...

 Rash spreading.........?
I have a strep thraot rash on my hands and all over a little bit, and I wear contacts. I have two questions, one, can I handle the lens with my hands, and two, will the rash spread to whatever body ...

Patrick Johnson
How do you know if you have mrsa (staph Infection)?
I dont know if i have a zit or mrsa. Its on my left upper thigh. Right now its kind of small, not really big. Its kinda red and my mom popped most of it out. As of now it does not hurt and i do not feel sick or anything.

"How do you know if you have mrsa (staph Infection)?" -- Are you asking about a methicillin resistant Staph infection, a methicillim susceptible Staph infection or both? Here's an answer that covers it all. You know when your doctor has received the culture and sensitivity report and tells you. @ "carly", you can't tell by redness, pain or size if this involves a methicillin-resistant organism, a vancomycin-resistant organism, an Amikacin-resistant organism or ANY kind of antibiotic-resistant organism.

The only way to determine staph or MRSA is to have cultures done. There is no way to know by looking at it. You are certainly asking this a LOT.

I had mrsa. My school was like the production center of it, I swear. Mine didn't hurt either until like 2 days after I noticed a zit thingy right above my knee. Then, it hurts like crazy. If it's mrsa it will get bigger an redder and more painful. Don't squeeze it, it will just get worse. If you are really concerned you could go to the doctor and they'll tell you what they think. But, if it starts hurting, go to the doctor. It's not fun to have at all. And, it doesn't make you feel sick at all. The area just hurts.

You go to a doctor and they tell you. You run the risk of infecting people around you if it is staph, chances are you have a pimple or a cyst though. Staph is VERY contagious.

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