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 Is there a over the counter drug that is simular or just like acyclovir?
Even close to it....

 can menses fluide of a lady make anybody hivpositive?
if any lady who is hiv positive sits in period and use toilet seat can her mc fluide make anyone hiv+ whoever use the same toilet?...

 Is it possible to cure a virus?
Like AIDS, Herpes, the common cold? None of them have cures, is it because they are viruses?...

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 why do v get small pox at a yung age?

Have there been any reported cases of bird-flu in the US?

I don't think so. I'm sure if there had been, it would be on the news 500 times a day.

no, in the us we just have very strict poultry handling standards and currently it can only be passed on by comming in contact with contaminated meat or excrement, if it changes to be able to transmit from human to human it will affect us

no, don't think so, there testing migratory birds in canada 4 it, but i dont think that thet have found any that were positive. We don't have to worry about it infecting birds, we have 2 be concerned because bird flu can easily mutate 2 a virus that is transmitted from human 2 human. Bird flu is so bad, because when you are infected it causes your immune system 2 attack ur body. Tjhat stuff scares the sh*t out of me.

Try the CDC website......I am sure they keep up with that information.

The real question that comes to mind is.. would the country admit it if their was? The consequences are a loss in confidence by consumers and the national health department admitting their collective inability to control the outbreak on a national level.. I will stop short of saying it is a government cover up or conspiracy.. but look at what the mad cow disease scare did for beef sales.. ?? Would the government make the right decision to admit it's faults for the sake of the consumer.. KFC and Churches chicken places would possibly go out of business and recalling all the chicken from grocery stores would cost millions.. not to mention the large scale slaughtering of many, many healthy birds.
To answer the question.. none that I know of :)

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