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 how to know if you have a urninary tract infection?
*Does your pee sting every time when you pee, if you have urinary tract infection?*...

 Does this sound like the flu or a cold?
I've been feeling somewhat nauseated the past two days, yesterday being the worse. Last night i was feeling sore, and this morning I am feeling more sore, stomach is sore, stuffy nose and have ...

 Could I possibly have pnuemonia still?
I have had a very bad cough for the past 3 weeks now with a lot of phlegm and gagging. I am now starting to wheeze and hear crackly sounds in my chest.
I went to the doctor last week and was ...

 I have bladder problems?
When I feel like I need to go to the toilet, I am always busting and I can't seem to hold myself?...

 Just found out recently that Ive had H-Pylori for a year..Can it be cancerous?
Tested positive for H pylori and have had it at leastt a year..Can it turn cancerous?...

 wearing earrings while having a ear infection?
i dont have a ear infection i just want to know more about it
can you wear earrings while you have the infection?
can you go swimming
how much does it hurt form a scale of 1 to 10

 what to eat when you have a bladder infection?
i have a bladder infection, and i don't want to eat anything that is going to make me feel worse, so what would be good choices to eat? fruit? crackers? bread? thanks for the help to anyone who ...

 How to make my cold worse?
I have a stuffy nose and a headache and kinda sore throat. Also I've been feel dizzy and even more when I stand up, and I've been feeling exhausted all day even though I slept till 1 p.m. H...

 Can white hair be caused by the following?
For each of the following answer by yes or no.

1) Stress
2) Fright
3) Emotional trauma
4) Depression
5) A...

 I have pink eye, should i go to school?
I have contagious pink eye. I didn't go to school. Today i got ointment, it's horrible ): I'm in middle school & i'm wondering. Should i go to school tomorrow?...

 How quickly did infection spread in revolutionary war?
I'm writing a story and an 18 year old boy goes to fight in the revolutionary war and gets shot in the leg. How long would that infection take to spread and kill him?...

 What are signs of Strep?:(?
Idk if I have it but its going around and i need to knowbof i do or not!!!!!!:( I dont feel good at all but help me!!! WHAT ARE SYMPTOMS!?!??!!!,?;(...

 Infected Gauges, help.?
I just now put in gauges a day ago and it is still hurting. When I tried to move it so i could clean it, it wouldn't stop bleeding is that bad? What should I do?...

 its not pink eye what is it?
my left eye is really red on the inside Corner but not on the outside it hurts and hurts when i blink or look to the sides is it serious?...

 Is Nymphomania still a treatable condition?
Does the AMA or APA recognize it as one ?...

 what can i do to prevent getting more sick?
im 5 months pregnant and seems like im coming down on some kind of cold does anyone know what i can do to prevent it from getting worse?...

 What is the statistics for the disease Polio?
Who gets it? what are the percentages?...

 Why can't we stop the FLU at the source?
I've been reading one website after another (including the Center for Disease Control), that all the Influenza Virus (common and mutated) all start in Southeast Asia. What kinds of efforts have ...

 Could you still develop HIV or Hepatitis through a series of transfusions of negative blood?
what is the likely hood percentage wise that you can still develop HIV or Hepatitis later in years and what is the likely hood you could pass something on to your partner even if you received blood ...

 Do I have mononucleosis?
My mom thinks maybe mono, but I don't think it fits really.
I've been having this on and off cold lately, and three weeks ago I had a bad infection in my throat and right gland. Now ...

Fiona puspita Devi
Cara agar cepat menstruasi?

A member for less than one day and already causing problems, ha, ha. This is no language I recognize. I'm guessing cara is either face or dear and menstruasi has something to do with menstruation. I suggest you stick to English or perhaps post in another country.

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