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 Dark color stool??? Help!!!?
Hi, today I have notice that my stool is kinda dark color and I wanted to know what this means? I been eating green veggies everyday for the past week and grilled meat on the grill for the past 3 ...

 Red and white blood cells both found in my urine.. what could this be?
I have had pain in my right abdomenen (and somewhat in the left side) for over a week now and I got blood tests done, had physical exams done, and was told it's not appendicitis.
I am ...

 How to tell the difference between seasonal flu & h1n1?
I've been sick for 3 days now. I'm not able to eat or even smell food without getting sick. I keep breaking the fever but it keeps coming back. It's at 103.4 now. I have every symptom ...

 What happens if someone has mono?

 Will you die if you take a dose of theraflu and then take another one two hours early?
It says take 2 tablespoons every four hours I accidently took 2 and then another 2 two hours later I just wanna know if that wOuld kill ...

 Do wet towels carry bacterias?

 Case Study: What exactly do I have? I think it's food poisoning?
Day 1:
I ate cherries in a bowl of cold water in the fridge. The bowl was not wrapped in plastic. The cherries were bought from a farm, not a grocery store.

Day 2:
I fell ill in ...

 Are there any ways to determine if you have alcohol in your system? Like, any test, urine or mouth swabs.?
I need to know how long alcohol stays in your system....

 How does CDC deal with outbreaks?
Say there was like, a malaria or small pox outbreak. What would the Center for Disease Control and Prevention do about it?...

 I feel like I have a bladder infection but..?
they said I didn't have a UTI the last time I felt like this and went to the doctor. The only symptom I have is the feeling of having to pee really bad but only a little comes out and I still ...

 What is a liver flush?
Ok so I've starting breaking out with hives randomly and I think because there's something wrong with my insides... I think a liver flush might do the trick just I have no clue on where to ...

 What do I have? Mono or something else?
Just two days ago, I started noticing my throat feeling a little sore and my neck started hurting just a bit. After 2 days, my throat feels a bit more sore (mainly when I swallow) and my neck still ...

 how hard is it to get hepatitis c?
I recently came into contact with someone that has hepatitis c (type 1). I was wondering how likely am I to have gotten this disease from saliva (like being near them while eating), and touching ...

 Why does my pee look yellow orange? Extreme dizziness and nausa! Please help me?!??!?!? ?
I missed school today cuz of feeling like this and im not feeling any better :/ if i still feel like this tomorow morning should i go to school or stay home and sleep????...

 Symptons of anemia, should i make an doctors app? is it serious or mild? help?
i keep getting:
tiredness, i can sleep for 9+ hours and still feel sleepy.
weakness, depressed, achy, moody, im pale, mild headaches, mild chest pains, coldness on skin.

i was ...

 can you get rid of strep throat with out a doctor?

 Flu like symptoms for 3 months and more(causes?)?
I've been sick for 3 months with flu like symptoms runny and stuffy nose small but persistent cough muscle weakness light headed and i'm snapping And cracking a lot every time I move I'...

 why is my cold lasting so long?
started very mild nothing much blowing my nose once an hour ish and a few days later it got worse and worse and i had very very watery eyes conistently and blowing nose 10 times an hour... that lated ...

 How does apoE4 contribute to pathogenesis?

 sore throat, excessive saliva, sneezing, sometimes runny/stuffy nose, feel feverish?
so yesterday it started off as a sore throat (kinda hurts to swallow), so i drank hot tea with lemon and also some orange juice throughout the day, and the next day (today) i stopped by walgreens to ...

The Dude
Can you get sick from someone coughing near you?
I was on the bus and this woman sitting next to me was coughing about five feet away without covering her mouth. I gave her a disgusted look and she semi tried to cover her mouth but she didn't do a very good job of it. When I got off the bus I purposely coughed right down on her. Now this morning I have a sore upper chest. Just some poor white trash with no manners. So is it possible she made me sick or unlikely that she did?

Yes, a person can be a carrier of tuberculosis and pas it on to you. There are other air borne infection/deceases that are transmitted via water droplets. I run when people start coughing around me. I have even thrown food away when bought at a restaurant, If I see a cook huffing over my food.
I leave the premises. I even wash my hands and change my cloths numerous times when at home coming from outside to my apartment. And yes, I do the same thing you do, people like that don't care about the welfare of others. I don't blame you getting upset but chill with the race. There are many kinds of people who do the same. Just got to deal with these fools nowadays.

Its possible but not garanteed

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