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 after affects of shingles?
i have shingles now, and im wondering how it will leave my body and will the virus remain there. My shingles are really painful and i couldn't put up with it if it kept coming back. Is there any ...

 Chicken Pox Question.?
I am wondering if a child can get chicken pox more than once? Please help Thanks in advance for your ...

 Is it possible (probably rare) to have two parents with 'o' type blood and a sybling with 'A' negative?
If not, what are the probable groups to intiate this? Thanks....

 How can a human pass on "Swine flu" to pigs.?
What kind of contact would have had to be made for it to be passed on that way. My mind is boggling but please don't go down that road....

 My sister has really bad flu?
My sister has been lying in bed for the past 3 days and is feeling really sick. can you please advise us on what to do?...

 Should I take another sick day?
I have been really poorly with suspected swine flu. I was prescribed tamiflu at the start of the treatment , two weeks ago and i took 4 days off from work. My manager hates anyone being off sick ...

 hiv infection?
I cut myself with a knife at work after a colleague had cut himself. The next day I had a scab but the other guy had no signs of having even bled. Whats the risk of me catching anything? even if he ...

ive just got a bad case of tonsilits and i have moderation day on monday and tuesday (its my pratical p.e. exam, where u get marked on your performance in sports for 2 days) the doctor told me not to ...

 Does gargling salt water with an open mouth ulcer help it heal?
My girlfriend had an ulcer pop in her mouth right at the thing that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. It bled a lot and she says it really hurts. Will gargling salt water help it or ...

 How do I catch food poisoning without dying?
Just wondering. :)...

 Does having your tonsils out change your voice?
im 13, get them out soon but will my voice change? i dnt want it to but if it will, will it be higher or lower? or does it vary on who you are coz like every1 is ...

 viral infection how do u get it.?

 what exacty is swine flu?
is it just a normal flu? or is it some deadly disease that kills people? im really ...

 questions about Malaria?
What cause it? What are the symptoms of Malaria? Where in the world can you get it? What is the treatment? How can you prevent it?...

 If you are a doctor/nurse working in england ,what is it like working in the NHS and hospitals?
i am thinking for a paramedic carrer or working as a adult nurse , but what the best place to study at and the best hospital?...

 how dangerous is it for a 7month pregnant woman to come in contact with a child suffering from chicken pox?

 Is swine flu the true pride of Mexico?

 What is a Beat Infection?
A friend has been told by a doctor she hasa beat infection and it can be life-threatening. She has a tendency to lie or make things up so I am not sure whether to believe her or not. What are the ...

 my saliva is yellow... what could be wrong with me?

 Whats the first symptoms of the swine flu, serious question?
Got all those, sweating like mad as well. Thanks for all your answers, paracetamol and lay down for a ...

Can you catch the norovirus twice?
My baby had the norovirus a few weeks ago. Could he catch it again if he comes in contact with it?

Yes you can. but not the same strain immediately. There are unfortunately several strains of norovirus but you would be unlucky to catch it twice. Remember there is another virus that gives kids (usually under 4 years old) the squirts. It is called rotavirus which is also common this time of year and very infectious. Watch out nurseries!!

Yes, there is very little resistance to norovirus which is why it tends to sweep through schools and elderly persons homes with great regularity. People who have the virus should stay away from other people for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have abated as it is very infectious. Hope the baby's okay.

You will not catch the same virus twice but you may still catch another virus with the same symptoms.

I've just asked this question. Answer: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ArU_jNO6EY4JIImKIRAwXOQgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080104001343AA51dbD

Not sure what that virus is, but being a virus I would say yes, as viruses usually can re-occur as in colds and flu. We never become immune to viruses.

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