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 Ring around the rosy song Disease?
Whats the disease that the children's ring around the Rosy song talks about and how is it referring to that disease?...

 H1N1 vaccine side effects?
I'm supposed to get the H1N1 vaccine this afternoon and was wondering if anyone has experienced the side effects of it. I tried looking up info on the side effects but there was a lot of ...

 What do you think about that new swine virus?
My personal opinion i think is all goverment because i think the goverment made a new weapon and they were just testing it out at their testing site which is of course in new mexico thats where they ...

 Question on salmonella food poisoning?!?!?!?
My husband unfortunately had infected chicken from Homeland last night and he's deathly ill. He can't keep any food or liquids down. Other then going to the doctor. (If he gets bad ...

 What to eat when I've got stomach flu?
My stomach flu started on late Tuesday night. On Wednesday, it started getting worse, I had diarrhea but so far, no vomiting. Then, yesterday, I had diarrhea, vomited once. I visited the doctors, ...

 What exactly causes the Swine Flu?
At school, we have been talking about the Swine flu that started in Mexico. Right now, it's in CA and NYC... i'd like to ask what causes it and how do you get it?
Is it airborne? Or ...

 Serious health question: I went to the hospital...?
and the doctors tested my blood, heart rate, urine, and did an xray. But there has been a swine flu outbreak in my city. Is there a chance i have/had it? Or would they have seen something if i did?...

 Can you get a diease if you do a girl up the but?
I was wondering im going to do my gf up the but so is there any cautions or diease i should try to prevent before doing?...

 Which sickness do I have? :( I need more answers...!?
So, Im not sure if i have a cold, the flu, or the swine flu.... Can you help me?

I coughed a lot, and I got a more and more sore throat throughout the day. When I was ...

 Can the human body withstand the thermal ceiling that kills the HIV virus?
Considering that all living organisms have thermal ceilings in which they can exist what is the highest temperature the HIV virus can live in until it fries like an egg and cannot fix itself. Can ...

 what is a spinal diseaese in which the spines of children are exposed at birth?

 Do Booster shots hurt?
I get mine in 2 days and im really scared i don't know what to do! Also, can you get it in a nasal spray if so PLEASE TELL ME!!!...

 is influenza A the swine flu?

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?
due to the recent swine flu outbirst i am like, seriously paranoid now!
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
how do you catch it?
what happens when you get it?
i live in southern ...

 I have swine. Will I die if I don't take medicine?
is there a good chance??? i cant swallow ...

 What can I eat when I have strep throat?
I was just at the doctor about 2 hours ago from a sore throat for the past two days , turns out i have strep throat , i havnt been eating or drinking anything because it even hurts to swallow spit , ...

 If I caught the H1N1 virus... would I know right away?
I just started feeling under the weather for the last day or so and I am paranoid to catch the H1N1 virus. My symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, headach and itchy throat. My daughter has been sick ...

 Im Disabled - Ceribral Palsy. Am I more at risk of Swine Flu?

 How many of the symptoms of A (H1N1) should you have to confirm that you REALLY have it?
because there are a lot of symptoms and mostly are same as with an ordinary flu...now, i am coughing...i am actually worried. help me please!...

 Swine flu/eating in restaurants?
Is it possible that swine flu spreads thru contact with contaminated food? If so, would this deter people from eating out in restaurants? Just how is this flu spread?...

sherry c
Can the human liver - heal itself?
I heard there are some body parts that can heal itself, i want to know if the liver is one of them. I know its not the kidneys.

In some ways yes. The liver can regenerate, and that is why when getting a liver transplant, they only take a small piece of the donors liver. It really is an amazing organ. Now, if the organ is diseased severely, it most likely won't be able to heal itself.

Emmett C
Depends one what it's healing from. The body is capable of repair.

I think the liver can heal itself, but it depends on the damage.

The liver is the only organ capable of regenerating itself. You can remove 80% of the liver and within 6 months it will have grown back. Hope this helps...

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