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 Is the swine flu virus really serious?
Like do you think its gonna be one of those viruses that would kill thousands in a little amount of time? just curious. ...

 was there ever a swine flu in america before this one?

 I live in Florida, should i be worried about the swine flu?
i'm kinda freaked out, i live in sarasota (south of tampa) What is it? How does one get it? How can i avoid it? is it curable?...

I think it could be MASS HYSTERIA? it could be...most people panick about it.......

 what causes diarhia for 5 days?

 What are 5 causes of infectious diseases?

 what is this flu ppl r talking bout?
what is the swine flu ppl r talking about?...

 How long do you have to be off anti biotics to get a correct result of a urine culture.?
I have a constant UTI. I am on anti biotics all the time. Docters want a culture but I can't take one unless I'm off antibiotics. How many days do I have to be off antibiotics so I don'...

 How long does it take for the chicken pox scars to heal?
I have them all over me...they are dark spots where the scabs were. how long will they take to fade away? Should i see a doctor? please help :( for age 15...

 swine flue outbreak??help me !?
ok so i was watching the news and saw the swine flu... wich is not somethiing you want to wake up to!! so i saw it is already spreding throughout the U.S. annd im really scared for me and my family .....

 can scabies jump like lice?

 When was mad cow disease first seen ?
I wanna know when mad cow disease was first seen in a cow or in a human if you could please give me a site to go on or direct information i would be so grateful thankoo. xxx love mika love you all...(...

 does swine flu have a cure? i think my aunt has got it and i afraid she is gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

 what do you think about this swine flue?

 swine flu? do i have it?
ok so i am pretty scared about this flu! i don't want people to die! and i dont want to die! ok so since friday 24, 2009 i have been sick. my throat hurts, and my head feels weird almost all the ...

 Is the Swine Flu caused by eating pork?
ugh, pork is nasty ...

 Swine flu??????????????
I was wondering if u do get infected do u like instantly bite the dust or what? I heard the medicine for it works so do u have time to get infected then have the symptom and then be able to take the ...

 Swine Flu Outbreak: Should all Americans be concerned?
no matter what state you live in? What precautions and steps should I take?...

 Do you think it is safe with this disease out there?
My family has been thinking of going to Mexico for 2 years now and just the other day we found the perfect arline tickets and now with this disease that is going around Mexico we are not so sure if ...

 Is there other decreases that have a combination of strain like the swine flu?
How common is this?...

Make me wet
Can someone have HIV for 10 years and not know it ?
or is that a myth?

It's not a myth. Most people who have HIV have no symptoms for 10 years or more. Some people may have flu symptoms within a couple months after getting infected, but it is impossible to tell the difference between flu symptoms caused by HIV infection and flu symptoms caused by actual flu. Due to lack of symptoms, the only way to find out if you have HIV is to get an HIV test. More than 98% of people who have HIV would test positive within 3 months. In very rare cases, it could take up to 6 months for someone to test positive. Important: Once someone has HIV, they can transmit the virus to other people within 24 hours after they get infected themselves--long before they would show symptoms, and even before they would test positive.

I dont know alot about HIV, but I know that some things can lay dormat, But what I have read and heard, usually after 7 years, HIV starts showing its signs and symptoms.... I think in rare cases, someone could have it for 10 years and not know it, but that is in RARE cases. I think symptoms would start showing and there health would decline...in a few years after being infected with it... Or a doctor would have found it..etc..etc.. Somehow, it would come out within the 10 years.... Ya know what I mean? Try not to worry...If you think you have been infected or in contact with someone, go get a blood test...you will feel so much better. They usually have you come back in 6 months, after the first test... Take care, and I hope this helps.

Ella U
when u get hiv even if ur tested really well, u won't be able to tell for months, but ten years....u would know by then

I think it's possible since a virus can lay dormant in the body.

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