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 Swime Flu, please give me some advice,nurses,ect ppl that actually know!?
okay, here lately only thing i do is SLEEP. like ill sleep till 6 in the evening, wake up eat supper then go right back to sleep for a hour or 2. and i woke up today with my throat a little sore. ...

 Does anyone on this have swine flu or has had it ?

 Is it safe to travel to India with my 1 year old daughter with the H1N1 virus spreading like the way it is?

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 do i have swine flu.........?
i was eating pork yesterday and today i had diarrhea all morning, it was terrible. it smelled like mustard and it looked yellow with bubbly chunks in it. is that a symptom of the swine flu?? ...

 strep throat help?
okay i thought i had strep throat but that white stuff fell off after 5 days untreated andand my throat didnt even hurt at all i need answers ...

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 Do flu shots prevent the "stomach flu" that goes around during the winter months?

 can you get stomach flu from being around the sick person?
like at school if there sitting in class with you even thanxx..but thats just great i was wondering cause im going on vacation really soon nd i think ii might be getting it nd i would really not ...

 can you die from hepatitus c?
Can you die from the virus hepititus C?...

Can an uti make you ill?
I know for a fact i have a really bad urinary tract infection but since last night ive been really sick my whole body is aching i have a headache earache soar throat and it feels like someone punched me in the mid-right side of my back. Could a UTI make me feel this sick? what does a kidney infection feel like? PLEASE HELP ME...i dont have insurance so i only go to the doctor if its really serious.

An untreated UTI can make you extremely ill. Untreated, UTI can cause severe kidney damage and other serious problems. Your back pain may be an indication that there is kidney damage. There are no home remedies for a UTI or a kidney infection. You must see a doctor ASAP.

I would like to suggest to try to get as much information as you could before making up your mind,here    www.HealthInsuranceFree.info    is a very resourceful one.

An untreated U.T.I. can and will turn into a kidney infection, and you seem to have all the symptoms. A kidney infection left untreated, can cause blood poisoning, loss of a kidney, or perhaps even death. Make an appointment with your doctor, because this definitely qualifies as "really serious".

I don't know for how long you've suspected that you've had a urinary tract infection. Now that you're experiencing back pain, you may have allowed an untreated UTI to progress to a kidney infection, or perhaps the back pain, headache, sore throat and body aches are part of a viral infection or flu. In either case, I think the time has come to visit a doctor for evaluation.

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