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Can a flu shot cause a swollen axillary lymph node?
Last week I received a flu shot and immediately the spot bruised and swelled. The injection site stayed swollen, tender and hot for several days, then abated. Now I have a swollen lymph node under the armpit of the same arm. My doctor doubts that it's a reaction from the shot, but it seems logical to me.

I don't think so. But it could be any number of other things that you shouldn't be alarmed about.

Was it a H1N1 vaccination? I've come across several sources stating that the H1N1 commonly causes lymph node swelling.


Yes. The 2010/11 shot includes protection against 2009 H1N1, and swollen lymph nodes is a listed side effect of the H1N1 vaccine.

I had my shot one week ago and the glands under the arm where I got the shot have been slightly swollen ever since. I am 45 so I have been afraid it was a breast cancer symptom or something, but I did a little research and learned about this. You could actually get this side effect from any vaccine, because vaccines are meant to trigger your immune system. If my symptom is not gone in a week I will see the Doctor, but I really think this is the deal.

Matt D
Yes an allergic reaction may occur to flu vaccines sometimes

Yes it most certainly can. Having reactions to flu shots is fairly common. Another explanation is that the site was either poorly treated or poorly disinfected beforehand and you got a coinfection. Having reactions to shots, while undesirable, can be a reflection of your immune system at the time, ingredients in the shot, and other factors. It stinks, but your attitude and understanding seem perfect.

‚ú°mama pajama‚ú°
Just as an added precaution, if the swelling does not subside within 24 hours, please phone your doctor again and ask him if he can run just a few tests on you to make sure that other complications aren't developing.
See this handout listing that lymph node swelling *is indeed* a fairly common adverse reaction.

wow..that's a long link

read Flu102 there.
Swollen lymph nodes have been listed before as a possible adverse reaction to the vaccination
and while most who even experience that reaction have no more dangerous escalation..in rare events, especially if someone is immune compromised or is taking or had treatments that affect the immune system..other complications have been known to happen.

I don't like being an alarmist, but you know your own body and if something isn't right, be persistent to have them check it out.

Good luck.

EDIT TO NOTE: i am not anti-vaccine..by my inclusion of the thinktwice site, that could be misconstrued
I am very pro-inform yourself of all possible outcomes. Serious adverse reactions to vaccinations are not as uncommon as many physicians would have one believe, yet the public health and individual health benefits for most outweigh the risks.
EVERY patient and parent needs to learn as much as they can about their own bodies, their own medical histories and how it may affect their own reactions and about the possible symptoms to watch for and to stay on top of any reactions as soon as possible. Some adverse events can escalate without treatment/others may be reversible with prompt attention.

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