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Can a MRSA staph infection make you very ill?
I have a sore that my Dr. tested and it's a MRSA staph infection. This past week, I have been very sick with chills and vomiting. I can not sleep because I have this awful skin crawling sensation. All my vitals are normal and I'm otherwise a healthy 33 year old. They did blood work and everything came back okay. I can not go on like this anymore. Should I go to the hospital? Is it the MRSA that's making me so ill? I'm on antibiotics.

crystal b
YES IT COULd be that or it can be antibiotics or the antibiotics could not be working or have not kicked in you might need stronger one or something i had an infevtion one time and the antiiotics was not woeking and i got sicker

Rosita D
MRSA can make you ill. If were afebrile, or your WBC (white count were normal) and do at least 2 blood cultures at the height of any fever or chills. If all negative, have a urine culture as well. See your doctor

Kaisy G
Ya ull die!

It can kill someone with a weakened immune system, such as a post op patient. Very few antibiotics work on this infection - make sure you take the course exactly as instructed.

Go back to your doctor.

You are allergic to your antibiotics.

I have had MRSA before, and I didn't experience anything like that with the infection and my course of meds (3 pills a day for 4 weeks and an injection every 12 hours).

But, I have had those symptoms when taking other antibiotics (prophylactic treatment based on whooping cough exposure).

Worst feeling ever, exactly what you are describing. Turns out, I was allergic to the antibiotics.

Go back. Go now.

Wow... who gave me a thumbs down?

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