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 Swollen eye since Saturday, HELP!!!!?
on friday, i was at the mall at sephora makeup. i was trying their eyeshadow. 7 hours later, my left eye was swollen on the top eyelid, i suspect it was from hte makeup. my mom called the doctor ...

 What kind of flu do i have.? is it bad?
my symptoms are....
bad headache
runny nose(bleeding nose twice? if thats something)
really tired
ive puked once.. when i first got the cold but after i was fine ...

 Why would a woman in her 20s get the HPV vaccine if she wasn't a virgin?

 Can a peptic ulcer patient drink 1500 ml of beer a week?

 i have tonsilitis for about 4 days and i would like to know how long i have to wait before i go back to school?
i have been on antibotics since yesterday ...

 My son is shivering with fever. what can be the reason?
My son is 8 years old. he has got a throat infection for the past one week.yesterday he took a long shower and now he shivers with high fever. what can be the reason?...

 Could I have a tapeworm?
About 6 months ago I lost a lot of weight without particularly doing much exercise or dieting, I've also been eating a lot more since then. I'm a strict vegetarian and don't eat fish. C...

 I think I have food poisoning, what can I do to help recovery?
I'm suffering from all the usual symptoms diarrhoea, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, feeling sick. I started feeling a bit funny last Wednesday so it's been 4 days. I still feel really ...

 catching Hep C from one encounter?
Ok well i have a friend named dan, and he is addicted to heroin. I knew him in high school and then we kinda went our separate ways. well about a year ago i saw him on facebook, and we started ...

 I feel like there is something stuck in my throat?
for awhile now I have feel like there something stuck in my throat and no matter how hard I try and clear my throat nothing happens. I feel something comes up but then when I swallow. it goes back ...

 Is sniffing nail polish remover dangerous...?
I'm ignorant when it comes to chemicals but I wondered if this was dangerous at all.A friend of mine laughed at me when I told him I did it to get high and said that it wasn't harmful and ...

 How can I stop myself getting a cold? If I am around someone who has one?

 How is E Coli disease contracted these days? Outbreaks in melbourne, australia?

 In a blood lab, what does these cells mean- retic count, mchc, mid%? for ex- wbc is white blood cells?

So there is this real nice boy in 7th grade always says how he wants to kill himself and I asked him why he would wanna do that and he simply replies:
"Cuz i have no social life and no ...

 Flagyl (Metronidazoa) effectiveness?
Which for you is more effective dosage for trich?A one-day treatment with 2g of flagyl? or a 5 or 7 days treatment with small amount of grams??

please tell your opinions or something ...

 last week i caught a friend how do i get rid of this infection?
its burrowing deep into my ...

 Could this be tonsillitis?
For a couple of days now, I've had the following symptoms:

1.) My left ear has been very stopped up, right ear slightly. First symptom to show.
2.) Slightly sore throat. Not ...

 what does means cbc, orp, smear study in blood test?
there is a soft tissue swelling in right thigh of my son who is aged about 2 years and 4 months.
our family dr advised to take the CBC/ORP/SMEAR STUDY OF blood test immediately.
is there ...

 Why Should I get my flu vaccination?
Why should I get my flu vaccination because I am a relatively healthy person. I get lots of exercise and I try to eat right. The only thing is that I just had a minor surgery for cyst removal....

Appendicitis or food poisoning?
Yesterday, in the evening I had stomach pain, I thought was gas, but it was so bad I couldn't even finish a walk around the block. I thought I just had too much junk food. I woke up in the middle of the night and my face was burning hot, and my stomach hurt worse but I went back to bed. When I woke up this morning the pain was in my right side, and I felt really sick. It got worse and then I had diarrhea, and the nausea hasn't gone away. The pain in my right side is becoming worse, I can barely walk to the bathroom. I think I have a fever but don't have a thermometer so I can't be sure.

Go to the emergency room!

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